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  1. It is fake. They are starting to fake more and more US medals. The China fakers have faked every US badge and US wing. They even put fake hallmarks on the items anymore. Terrible that they do this and get away with it.
  2. Thanks for sharing this. This was a save. Anyone but a collector/historian would have tossed this. Did you find the DSC or was that one you had? I was thinking that it could be lodged in the frame when I first saw it.
  3. There is a Doolittle Raider at the show as a guest. Stop by and ask him about the medals ceremony when the DFC's were issued. It may be an amazing conversation.
  4. You got off easy. Ebay suspended me for 7 days because they thought I had a duplicate listing. One listing was for three inch Pilot wings. The other listing was for the two inch Pilot wings. The description and title were nearly identical as one would expect. Could find no one at ebay that could understand the difference. Very frustrating company to deal with.
  5. Ebay wiped out the listing. Good thing you paid right away. I wonder if the seller was still charged the ebay selling fees. Someone just listed another one of these.
  6. The bar is a little longer on the one that appears older. The newer one is marked 10K on the back. Thanks,
  7. Purchased a group of items that contained an old Army Distinguished Pistol shot badge. No markings on it and it appears to possibly be gold? One pin on the back the flips open and close. Were the early ones made of gold? It looks a little bit larger than the current ones. When did they first start issueing these? Thanks,
  8. On that first photo on page one that shows the engraving, could this be a genuine medal that has had the engraving privately done? One sees private engraving on many medals. Why not this one too? Also the copper in the medal and in the devices of the engraved letters show aging/corrosion as it has turned green. This looks like it was done many years ago. I consider myself someone that is still learning and not a fool. Part of the learning process, unfortunetely, is that one is going to buy some questionable/fake items at times. The way an item looks in a scan can look very different than when you have that item in hand.
  9. Great group of LOM items. I would love to see some shots of the WWII LOM Chief Commander cased set. I hope to have one some day.
  10. My Doctor used to be Dr. Payne. He lost his license for giving out medicine a little too easily.
  11. This just shows the incompetence of some of ebay's decisions. It is not illegal to sell anything in this auction. Ebay would have made $50+ in fees on this lot.
  12. Is that first medal in the pics an early USMC Expeditionary medal. The ribbon drape appears to be correct color.
  13. The person that had the Fogg website had a picture of the Air medal from ebay on there the other day. Now it has been taken off.
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