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  1. Brian, May I get some specs on this tarp also. I would love to find one myself. But a repro may have to do for the time being. Thanks, Chris
  2. I know this is an old thread, but I have reloaded pics of the contents. Chris
  3. Well thanks to photobucket problems I have had to find a new host. So i am relisting the pics.. Along with a little display I set up quickly yesterday! Cheers, Chris
  4. Rifle green, I have a friend that flew with the 303rd TCS. Could you PM me? I have some questions. Thanks Chris
  5. Hi guys, Been a while since I posted anything, My wife and spent the day together antiquing and I bought a bag of various ribbons and badges and these wings were in the bag. Can anyone shed any light as to era, What I was finding online appears to be about 1917ish type design. No maker mark or emblem that my old eyes could see. This is also a pin back style. I will try to attach a pic and see how that goes. Thanks, Chris
  6. PFC. Charles Brinkman, KIA 3-4-1945, Iwo Jima. Machine gun platoon 1st BN, 27th MARINES 5th Marine Division. Co. G 2nd PARA BN. 1st PARA REG Choiseul, Vella Lavella. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.
  7. Kadet, Very nice group there. I used to fly in airshows with a man who was a HALPRO member B24 pilot. Had some very interesting conversations with him. Chris
  8. It is a standard M1923 flash hider. It replaces the muzzle gland when in use. The earlier Beer can flash hider mounts with the muzzle gland. Chris
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