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  1. 10th mountain Division

  2. On the reverse look how the one ski is bright and shinny, but the other is heavily tarnished. Also check out the excess solder holding all three pieces together - certainly not done by a jeweler, in my opinion.
  3. Here's another pin - but this one I have concerns about. Honestly, both are on eBay right now and listed by the same seller. This signal crossed ski pin just looks too poorly made. Most importantly the pin with the ice axe, rope, etc is of more interest to me. I have about 10 crossed ski pins, and all are fairly well made but this signal pin . . . well, check out the photos.
  4. I FINALLY figured out how to add another photo - would sure appreciate your opinion.
  5. Would sure like to get forum member opinions regarding this 10th Mountain pin in the attached photo. Thank you for your time. Bob Thomas
  6. Sincere apologies for misspelling Spencer. And sincere thanks for all responses. Just heard from the granddaughter she has been in touch with another relative who has the dog tags. I guess the next stop will be the national records center . . . wherever that is.
  7. Can't seem to figure out how to add photos of medals. Sorry.
  8. My employer's wife's grandfather served in WW1 as a Marine. Photos of his uniform are attached. His name was Spender William Jones. When her father passed away recently her grandfather's uniform and medals came to light. She would appreciate any help in research assistance. I will attached photos of his medals shortly. And no, the grouping is not for sale. It is staying in the family.
  9. Please pardon my nieve questions - and this is the very first time I've been on this forum. But is that a true issue left handed holster for the M1911? I had no idea they even existed, let along the rare left handed mag pouch. Bob Thomas
  10. Gentlemen, I haven't thought about much of this since I sold my collection back in the late '80's when I was getting divorced, but my initial reaction before I read all the replies was someone needs to find a copy of the Parachute Manual. My recollection of the original photo that started this whole thing was that it was part of a series taken in North Africa prior to Sicily - unusual because so many of the photos were in color. My photo collection went to my older son, but much of it has been used in various books by other authors. I also believe the chutes in question were T-5's - its certainly reasonble to assume so. In any event, I throughly enjoyed wading through the replies, etc. Best regards, Bob Thomas
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