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  1. Agree w mikedon. Guard looks amazing as most are cracked. If blade is the full 7 1/4", I would buy it for $2k in a flash. Nice job researching before asking!
  2. Hi Bill, That looks a lot like a fern (the plant), which is sort of a national symbol in New Zealand, where the knife was made. Has some similarities to the markings on the Z force knucks, but thowe are Aussie
  3. Thanx Schmooser. Guess it belonged to a guy named Thacker. Here is other other side of the grip.
  4. Anybody know anything about this guy Wilcoxson? Only thing I have been able to find was that he was a factory worker in Terre Haute.
  5. Those are nice pieces. I always thought they were made in India, but I can't remember why. Mine has "US" etched onto the blade. Only one I have seen like that. I think Bill Walters has one for sale on his site - #14
  6. Thats it !! Thanx Matt😊
  7. Yeah - I've got that. It just shows users who are on-line. The old system had a way to look up all users. I am looking for a way to look up & send messages to users who are not on line at the moment. Thanx 4 the response
  8. Can anyone tell me how to find the list of members? I could do it on the old system, but cant find it on this new version. I put in a help request several days ago, but have received no response. Thanx
  9. I used to own that one. It is a really nice piece. Handle shape very similar to the OP's example.
  10. Always liked the Bakers for their sturdy build and crude functionality - a grunts knife. I have owned several, to include two of the ones shown in Aznations post. I still ahve the aluminum handle. Unknown to many folks was the fact that Baker had also discovered the secret of tempering his knives (like Richtig) so that they could cut steel. He was recognized in a 1954 UPI press release photo for that fact. Richtig made the claim earlier, so maybe Baker copied him?? Have not seen that particular handle on a Baker. It has a typical Baker profile, so maybe the origina
  11. Very rare. I sold mine for $3k a year ago. The 2nd example above is a real steal, depending on condition (cant tell from pic) . Also lots of fakes out there. Even fake ones (identified as copies) have some value.
  12. There is some info on page 48 of Cole IV
  13. I have never seen another one in person.
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