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  1. Please excuse if the tutle of this post is incorrect. I ws digging through my desk a few months back and found a Spanish American war campaign medal I had picked up on the cheap years ago at a open air swap meet. It got me to wondering about others so off I went down the rabbit hole that is E-Bay. I was unaware there were so many! I began with the Civil War both army and Navy and stopped with Vietnam 22 in all. I know some are most likely copies but I am OK with that. I just wanted the collection. I will attempt to get a good photo of my collection and post it here.
  2. I have been away from this site for a time. The last time I was participating I posted photos of some of my models of US WW-II armor. I also posted photos from my Great Uncle Horace Palmer's (USMC) photo album. One of the members responded ,whom I had met when I lived in Houston. I was in a financial bind for a time and in despertion I sold my uncles flight logs and a medal with document that he was presented by the President of Haiti in the 1920's I am looking for this individual seeking to purchase these items back if possible.
  3. The 1st Lt. bar has an eagle embossed on the back and the gold one has FP in a diamond and Pat. Apr 1910 on the back side. Both are pin backed devices. The small size of the silver one was what had me puzzled. I am not as up on all this as most of you are. Thanks for the help in the ID of them. Mike
  4. HMMMM, That makes sense, This might have been My Great Uncle's then. He was a Lieutenant in Co. B 148th Inf. before transferring into the Marines and becoming a pilot. Thanks! Mike
  5. Hope this is the right place for this. My Mom passed away in January. After all the ladies in the family went through her jewelry I took the remaining stuff to sell. In one of the boxes I found these two items. They look like some sort of rank bars. The smaller one is silver the long thin one I think is gold plated. Help needed to identify.
  6. I carved the originals from plexiglass then detailed them in styrene . These parts were then molded and recast as model kits in urethane resin. I made around 30 different ones at one time. I have since sold all of the masters and molds to Flagship models in Oklahoma.
  7. First is the C.S.S. Manassas. She predated the Virginia by a few months? Was used in the battle for New Orleans and scuttled. The Manassas was a converted tug boat armed with a bow ram and on cannon that was all but impossible to reload after the first shot. The other is the C.S.S. Fredericksburg. Part of the Charleston Squadron.
  8. This model was almost identical to your post. It had a revetment but I removed it to make molds of it . Many customers were asking for them to use on their models.
  9. Built as a State Side advanced trainer during the latter part of WW-I. Many went on to star in the movies like Dawn Patrol and Wings. From one account I have read they were a handful to master and fly. The model is a vacuformed kit by Wings 48 built around 30 years ago.
  10. This little model is a resin kit that I produce. To those unfamiliar, the device on the top wing was used to hook onto a trapeze device beneath one of the airships, Akron or Macon and be hoisted into the hanger.
  11. This model was built over 30 years ago using the Aurora Nieuport 11 kit. I grew up interested in WW-I aviation and loved the Lafayette Escadrille story and it's somewhat romanticised history. My model is built to represent a Texan Clyde Balsley. He had a rather lack luster career with the unit. He was seriously wounded and spent most of the remainder of the war in hospital.
  12. This is the old Monogram kit from the 1980s. Built pretty much straight out of the box. Only exception is the seat belts and fod screens from Eduard.
  13. Did you buy someone's collection? The old box art sure brings back fond childhood memories. I am currently negotiating on a very large model/book collection . I hope to pick it up soon. Thanks for you post.
  14. This is the C.S.S. Chicora and Savannah. This was a commission project in 1/192 scale( 1/16" =1') for the Confederate Naval Museum in Columbus Georgia. It was at one time on Display there. But after they relocated and changed the name to be PC I am not sure it still is. The ship at anchor is the Savannah. This diorama was based on a war time pencil sketch . Location was Charleston Harbor.
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