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  1. I'd never heard of the HSVC before - very cool! Thanks for the information!
  2. Hi All - At a loss to identify the the three patches below. Any help appreciated!
  3. Raney is buried in Boone County, Arkansas
  4. Hello all, Recently picked up this WWII USMC Pilot's cap, and it really is a stunner. Although the top has soiled over the years, the cap looks to have been rarely, if ever, worn. It was tailored by White & White of Pensacola and still has the original tissue paper padding inside. The cap belonged to Arkansas-native, Capt. Donald Roy Raney, USMCR. Considering the card in the cap lists his rank as 2nd Lieutenant, he probably bought the cap right out of flight school in Pensacola. Raney served in the South Pacific during the war with, at least at one point, Marine Utility Squadron
  5. Jeff, Michael, and Francois - thanks so much!
  6. Jeff, Michael, and Francois - thanks so much!
  7. That's probably the guy. And, considering his age, the Catholic military school does seem like a good fit. Thanks for solving the mystery!
  8. Hello all! This US AAF Major's uniform recently sold on ebay (http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&_trksid=p4340.l2557&item=160767314295&nma=true&rt=nc&si=tKy9VB50KPiU%252BalKaJlt8iteuDo%253D&sspagename=STRK%3AMEWAX%3AIT&orig_cvip=true&rt=nc). The jacket (and four other uniforms sold separately) belonged to a SHAEF AAF major, Major Meister. My question is: what is the middle ribbon, second row - the scarlet one with palm? I have been looking all over, but can't identify it. It's been nagging me, so any help would be great! Thanks!
  9. Thanks, Gil - I'm going to try and track down WWII-era photo of a Washington State Guard uniform and see if it's a match! Beau
  10. While the uniform may be legitimate - in that it belonged to Rawls - the ribbon bar is just not right. While beautiful, it was sloppily applied - it's not even sewn on horizontally to coincide with the pocket. The officer would probably have smoothed out the edges, too, not like this piece which is crudely machine-sewn. And finally, it's not even on a similar type of material. I just don't see a guy, who is so by-the-book with regard to his dress in that photo, wearing a uniform like this. There's a guy on ebay who takes good uniforms and sews on ridiculous custom ribbon racks, I guess be
  11. When I saw this uniform for sale on ebay recently, I thought: what is that? I waned to get a closer look and placed a bid. I was the only bidder, and it arrived here a few days ago. I don't have many clues about the uniform. The uniform came from the Seattle area, and is IDed to Bill Nick (dated 8/20/43). It's made out of the rougher wool typically of many officer's uniforms from the 20s-early 30s. The buttons are also the vegetable ivory-type common on many WWI uniforms. Interesting red-on-black trim around the cuffs and on the trouser legs. Exterior pockets of the uniform are all false.
  12. Justin, My apologies! I mistakenly typed our good friend Ricardo's name in my previous post. It still stands, though: that is an amazing uniform! Beau
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