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  1. Hi Help dating these labels Shirt - Contract No P.O 6028 Pants - Contract No DA-30-352-TAP 2512 Thanks
  2. Michele How soon would you need it and whats your offer. Temporarily working in Santa Crus the pin's in LA. Thanks
  3. Thanks bobgee. I'll be ordering those records.
  4. Sorry Bruce for mix up on the name on the last post met to say Eric is there anyway to post the second of the awards. Warguy thanks for the info. Here's a pic of the back. No number on the rim
  5. Thanks for all the comments. The group came from the family. Bruce is there anyway to post the second of the awards.
  6. Thanks Eric. That's awesome.. Here's a bigger pic of the patch
  7. Picked this up last Friday Your thoughts on this Indian head patch and which unit its from. Silver star looks newer then the other medals. Greatly appreciate any help getting the record of F B u s i k Good conduct medal No 27492 Dog tag number 122615 Thanks
  8. Estate sale fine. F-89 Scorpions and P-61 Black Widow poster Size 41 x 62"
  9. Thanks for the comments and the Id.
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