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  1. They look like 1904 Russet Marching Shoes, used before and in the start of WWI. They look like repros though. Do they have any markings on the inside white lining? Let me see if I can dig my pair up for reference.
  2. That is a quality display! Thanks for sharing.
  3. 1916 Infantry, I am wearing Early M1910 Leggings and Russet Marching Shoes but I had to take the picture myself so the angle was bad.
  4. 3 I know my coat has the discharge chevron but it was all I had at the time. Thanks for Looking! I may do a 1916 Infantry soon too!
  5. Wow guys! These are great impressions of the Doughboys! How did I miss this thread? Anyway, here I am in the Argonne, 1918. (Missouri 2008) All original gear...
  6. After moving to a new home about a year ago, the collection finally got a place to stay... Not much new here, just a different layout. Enjoy!
  7. Excellent display! You're doing great, keep up the good work. :thumbsup:
  8. Thanks for the replies, guys. Robinb, I noticed your pick cover features three rivets for closing the pick end and the large handle loop appears to be sewn off at the sides. Maybe this is earlier than mine as some 1900s gear featured rivets in their design. Just a speculation.
  9. I recently acquired this M1910 Pick Mattock and cover, its has the distinctive feature of the early pattern equipment with flat strap buckle and square end. No markings the cover as it has been used but the pick itself only features the US stamped on the handle and back pick. It looks good against my early M1910 setup.
  10. Wonderful setup you have there! Nicely arranged in the corner as I like it. :thumbsup:
  11. Thank you very much! I haven't been actively collecting for a while but those pics are about a year old. I can take more pictures of my eagle snap gear if you like.
  12. Wow! That is an excellent display Rob, it looks like you have all the important stuff. I wouldn't wear it personally, those old tunics are usually too small for people these days. The gas mask bag should be worn with the flap toward the chest, this kept out mud and moisture when they went prone, also tie the cord around the body. Do you know much about the 30th division? I dont know much but I believe they were assigned to British units for the most part, so they would most likely be using the Lee Enfield rifles. Again, great representation. Carl
  13. Excellent setup! The uniforms and the framed ephemera really go hand in hand when it comes to displays.
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