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    1910-1918 US Militaria
  1. They look like 1904 Russet Marching Shoes, used before and in the start of WWI. They look like repros though. Do they have any markings on the inside white lining? Let me see if I can dig my pair up for reference.
  2. That is a quality display! Thanks for sharing.
  3. 1916 Infantry, I am wearing Early M1910 Leggings and Russet Marching Shoes but I had to take the picture myself so the angle was bad.
  4. 3 I know my coat has the discharge chevron but it was all I had at the time. Thanks for Looking! I may do a 1916 Infantry soon too!
  5. Wow guys! These are great impressions of the Doughboys! How did I miss this thread? Anyway, here I am in the Argonne, 1918. (Missouri 2008) All original gear...
  6. After moving to a new home about a year ago, the collection finally got a place to stay... Not much new here, just a different layout. Enjoy!
  7. Excellent display! You're doing great, keep up the good work. :thumbsup:
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