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  1. Thank you very much for taking the time to research this Larry. I need to learn how to do this. I think that there is a sticked post here somewhere. I'll try and find that.
  2. Would take the CAA badge if you still have it.  Jim

    1. awmartin


      Hello Jim,

      Sorry I missed your message, and this new backend layout will  take some time getting used to. Anyways, the cap badge is still available if you're interested. My paypal address is: awmartinek@gmail.com.

      Thank you,


  3. I'm wondering if anyone has any thoughts about this dog tag. The writing on it lo "Pillsbury, WM(?)C 700-54-73 USN. O T11-43". I tried to research this, although since there isn't too much information on this I haven't been successful. Does anyone have any thoughts on this? Thank you.
  4. These look good to me. They have a meyer look to them on the front, but are definitely not made by them. They look to be die struck with the sterling hallmark being struck twice for whatever reason.
  5. Thank you David for your input, that is the best explanation that I can think of. Are there any other thoughts about this?
  6. This is a unidentified medal that I am open to hearing your thoughts about. Both the top and bottom portions of this are made of Canadian large one cent coins, which date to (1876-1901) from what I can tell based on the fact that it has Queen Victoria and the detailing of the crown. The top part has the front filed down and has "Troop" stamped onto it, and the bottom is also filed down and has stamped "USF2" in a star pattern. The star is the size of a US quarter. Does anyone have any thoughts about this? I will include some photos of it below.
  7. I recently picked up this wing as I noticed that it had some inscription on the back. On both sides of the back it is inscribed "CAPT Harry D Gaines". I'm not the best researcher, although what I did find was that a TWA pilot by the same name unfortunately died in a Boeing 707 crash in 1969. That Harry Gaines was employed by TWA in 1940 and became a TWA captain in 1946. Is it possible that this wing is from the same person?
  8. I am wondering if someone can help identify this cap badge. I got this along with some CBI pins and badges, so I had thought that this was some sort of cadet badge, although I have not been able to find another badge like this. Does anyone recognize this?
  9. I'm not an expert, although it looks authentic to the period, although looks to have been repaired by filling in the backside, which is why the holes on the bottom are filled in. My two cents.
  10. I've had this unit insignia but haven't been able to identify it. It has a lightning bolt with 2 satellite/radar dishes on either side all inside a wreath. The entire pin is gold tone and has a Meyer shield on the back. Does anyone know what unit this signifies and the age of this? Thank you!
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