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  1. Hello all, I read somewhere that original M43 Combat Service Service Boots also exist with 6 rather than 7 sets of eyelets (which are more common). I mean manufactured Combat Service Boots, not Roughouts with added buckle. Is it true? Anyone has ref pics?
  2. Late to comment on this post, but very awesome!
  3. What do you mean by knee tucks? If you had pics of the differences to post, it would be great. Do you mean the pleats on the knee reinforcements? I only saw it disappear, I think by 1989 or 1990 (not sure on the exact date). I will also add that pre 89/90 pants also feature reinforced crotch (on the back)
  4. This is extremely cool. I recall pocket closure was with velcro stripes rather than buttons.
  5. Cap, very nice pic. I remember these specific boots for I interned at the National Infantry Museum for a summer now three or four years ago. I didn't remember to go back at my pictures of them in light of newly acquired knowledge and...as theorized they do look like second pattern boots, fitting the timeline. Cool! Edit: I am saying 2nd pattern, because the ankle reinforcements are not only made in suede but also wider than 3rd pattern's nylon reinforcements
  6. Thanks for contributing. I would say this are a 3rd pattern: padded collar and nylon ankle reinforcements (plus the 1997 dated). Nice pair too! So the story that putting your blood type on the boots was bad luck is baloney?
  7. I was thinking they could have gone back to the Vibram sole of the early jungle boots, that design would have been ready to go
  8. Thanks Sapsan... unfortunately I wasn't able to snatch this vest. The seller preferred to sell it to local buyers for less than what I was offering rather than doing the effort of going to the post office to ship it. Some people really don't like money
  9. That is awesome 32sbct... the date line for the 1st pattern boots keeps moving earlier and earlier I suspect the 3rd patterns started production sometime in the second half of 1993. I wonder now when they changed the filling material in the collars. Like I mentioned, my impression at touch was that earlier 3rd patterns had a granular filler material, while later it switched to a more fluffy material. Can you tell on yours?
  10. Nice pair Spike. Can you make out what month exactly of 1990? I'm assuming December
  11. Your 3rd type does look like it's got many miles in them! Thanks for posting! The choice of retaining the Panama sole on the desert boots in '90-'91 (essentially truly copying the jungle boots) was a little mistaken, as the Panama sole is kind of hard and good especially for muddy terrain. Not sure why they went for maintaining it for desert too.
  12. I believe I know exactly what boots you're referring to - I own them as well. Please, if you could post both types it would certainly enrich the thread.
  13. I see. That makes sense. I would say no, this would be considered if anything a 4th pattern, if not a new model altogether. The 3rd pattern retain the Panama sole, and were the ones employed most commonly in Afghanistan and Iraq with DCUs until 2005 (I believe), when the new model with the Vibram sole was introduced. I have owned a few pairs of 3rd pattern over the years, but right now I don't have any handy. It would be great if any other forum member could contribute with some pics of them.
  14. Understood. It really makes me wonder why they went with suede ankle reinforcements with the second pattern, to switch back again to nylon with the third. I find it interesting that the the non-padded collar is uncomfortable. I believe it. However, I've also worn jungle boots in similar constructions and never had any chafing on my calves from it.
  15. Excellent MattS! Those are a beaut. That dark sole is something. What material are the ankle reinforcements made off? Looking better at the picture above, it appears then that the boots issued in the midst of Desert Storm were then first pattern boots whose soles hadn't had time to darken yet (rather than second pattern).
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