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  1. My father claimed he went to a surplus sale at Camp Clark, Missouri after the war and he saw crated jeeps going for $50 each BUT they were in lots of 10 or more. Single assembled used jeeps went for much more.
  2. Here are 4 patches I pulled out of a box of $5 junk patches. I hope these are good WW2 patches. I'm far from an expert but at the price I didn't think I was going to get hurt.
  3. Motto across the bottom, All For Materiel For All. I can't find this motto anywhere does anyone have a y idea?
  4. That's pretty much what I found. Not much information on this unit.
  5. First time I have seen a DUI in this "buff" color. Made by Robbins Co. Attleboro. Does anyone know the history of this unit?
  6. Can anyone ID this DUI? I believe it was a medical unit no long in existance.
  7. Looks like a Bannerman army surplus piece.
  8. What is the white ribbon 2nd row down 4th from the right?
  9. Hard to tell from a black & white photo.
  10. For sure upside down. The base of the lightning bolt is at the top and no doubt about it the numbers are upside down.
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