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  1. Hi alls, please, Could someone tell me if this knife has a chance to be authentic ww2 ? I do not know the" artisan" production of this type. Thank you for the help ! Laurent (France/Normandy)
  2. Hi alls Just one last question. There are no markings except '"ordonnance bomb " Do you think it could be given to the army? Thks again n° V428370
  3. Thank you for having me reassured Impossible in France to found a USN model, so I jumped at the chance on this gun. Is it possible to have the date of manufacture with the serial number? V4283** Thks again L.
  4. Thank you for the info but this does not answer my question. Is it possible that a revolver is unmarked to be distributed to the USNavy?
  5. lol Franck Yes i'm come back... Difficult to put his foot in the stirrup ... I slowly came back with my professional change, nothing is easy!
  6. Hi Alls, Hi Jerry I dug up this old post. I found a colt 38 Victory neutralized (sérial: V4283 **), which is quite rare in France. But it was not marking USNavy Do you think some pilots might have a gun without marking USN? Thks for your help Laurent
  7. What is strange both legs are modified. A knife for each leg!
  8. Hi Jerry Arghhhh !!!!! it's yours! You should have keep it, it's a nice collector's item. I had the harness for a long time, it was used to G.PONS for his latest book.
  9. Hi Dustin, I appreciate your help. It is really difficult to see clearly with all these contract number. Thks again
  10. Hi Dustin, Make by Pioneer Parachute. ok, as soon as I have some time, I'll take pictures of the raft. Thks for your help.
  11. Hi Jerry Here is my latest acquisition. failing to read the date correctly, I would like to know if you have any information about this number of contract : NOa(s)-3196 ? It is complete with canopy. I was looking for a very long time since I already had the harness.
  12. Hi Alls, Hi Jerry Here is my latest acquisition. I can not find the contract number : NOA(s)-3196, there has a date but it is illegible. Thank you for your help. Laurent
  13. Hi Jerry !!! How are you? I see you've found something really interesting. Not easy to find this kit and complete! I love it!
  14. Hi Jerry hummmm, Personally I do not think it is for the deck personnal, not because it is mine, but the "S" NXSS for meaning in "other". One might even guess "type B. ..?" what was the contract number used by USN in 1943 for aviation ? From when the contract as 288? No interest to make a life vest this form when there is the necessary equipment for the U.S. Navy ? not clear on this one! L. Ps : I know you're full of S.C
  15. we can see the difference in the lifejacket that are yellow and blue ones.
  16. Hi Very nice with this paint !!!!! the only one I have is this blue but made of origin. this is not easy to find! my shark chaser dates from after the war! impossible to find a good one!
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