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  1. Hi alls, please, Could someone tell me if this knife has a chance to be authentic ww2 ? I do not know the" artisan" production of this type. Thank you for the help ! Laurent (France/Normandy)
  2. Hi alls Just one last question. There are no markings except '"ordonnance bomb " Do you think it could be given to the army? Thks again n° V428370
  3. Thank you for having me reassured Impossible in France to found a USN model, so I jumped at the chance on this gun. Is it possible to have the date of manufacture with the serial number? V4283** Thks again L.
  4. Thank you for the info but this does not answer my question. Is it possible that a revolver is unmarked to be distributed to the USNavy?
  5. lol Franck Yes i'm come back... Difficult to put his foot in the stirrup ... I slowly came back with my professional change, nothing is easy!
  6. Hi Alls, Hi Jerry I dug up this old post. I found a colt 38 Victory neutralized (sérial: V4283 **), which is quite rare in France. But it was not marking USNavy Do you think some pilots might have a gun without marking USN? Thks for your help Laurent
  7. What is strange both legs are modified. A knife for each leg!
  8. Hi Jerry Arghhhh !!!!! it's yours! You should have keep it, it's a nice collector's item. I had the harness for a long time, it was used to G.PONS for his latest book.
  9. Hi Dustin, I appreciate your help. It is really difficult to see clearly with all these contract number. Thks again
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