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  1. i have a us army document from 162nd infantry, camp mills, new york. charles layman promoted to corporal. are the collectible? do they have any monetary value? file is too big to load, and i lack the know how to fix it.
  2. this is not my area of interest, so i have no idea who collects these. we wanted the frame only. this picture is 10" high and 47" wide. it was taken by Knowles and Head of ft oglethorpe, georgia. labeled at top as being of M.O.T.C., which we think means medical officers training camp, but we could be wrong about that. it says it was taken at camp greenleaf, august 20th , 1917. i suppose that must have been near ft oglethorpe, but again, not certain. is there anyone here who might be interested in this picture? i don't know the value, so would need to rely on others for that information. i have
  3. wow, that was quick. thanks very much, Bearmon.
  4. i saw a guidon today, but didn't have my camera with me. i'm going to try and describe it, and see if i get lucky, hoping someone will be familiar with it. i've never seen this one, and it had no numbers on it, just the unit crest and "HHC". it was a faded red, and the crest was split diagonally. one section held the old style lamp that we would associate with a "genie", and the other section held what looked like a round, black cannon ball. i didn't ask the price, as at that time i spotted an insert for my mermite can, which i bought, forgetting all about the guidon until i was home. if anyon
  5. i don't know if you're aware of this, but the arvn rucksack shown, was also produced in a nylon version, similar material to the rucksack we used with the curved frame. i know this to be true, because i had one.
  6. while i understand your thinking, i don't do anything on ebay. i have bought a few items there years ago, but once they insisted everything had to be paypal or bank cards of some sort, that effectively booted me out the door, as i was buying with money orders. i lack the computer skills necessary to do online purchases, and was concerned i would screw up my account. if it had been enlisted mess dress, i would have bought it for myself, but dress blues are now used for everything since green class A's were eliminated. i doubt it would be an easy sale.
  7. last thursday i was in a second hand shop nearby, and there was a U.S. Army enlisted dress blue tunic on the rack. i was curious, so i looked. it was so new, it still had all the tags on it, and had never been prepped or worn. size 43R. it was priced at $6.95, but it was half off day. i could have had it for $3.50 if i wanted it. we are south of ft lewis, and the various second hand stores, including goodwill, frequently have recent stuff, but i hardly ever see anything old.
  8. there was also a nylon version of this pack made by the folks in massachusetts. i had one. i don't recall ever seeing one worn in country by our guys, though.
  9. i had a VERY brief presence on ebay. for me, it just wasn't worth the headache. shortly after, they instituted the rules that have made even buying on ebay difficult, let alone selling. so, no thanks, ebay. you made a business decision designed to rid yourselves of low volume, small timers like me. that's certainly your prerogative, but quit trying to invite me back. it's annoying and pointless.
  10. when i was about to return from vietnam, oct 1970, i was chosen to accompany the 199th inf bde's colors back to benning. there probably about 100 of us, i don't remember exactly, going back on a C141 out of bien hoa. so we got pulled in from every where, issued some new jungle fatigues so we would look presentable, and then hauled over to that big PX they had at long binh, in case we needed anything for the next week. i was standing in line, waiting to pay, when i realized the guy in front of me just had to be an FNG. lots of clues, including bush hat tipped so far back i couldn't see his head
  11. go to a local automobile glass shop and ask to buy a can of "Release Agent". this is fairly common to the trade, and not expensive. i have used it to take black primer out of seats and carpets, so i think it would work very well on this glue.
  12. i'm a nam vet, 69-70, and yesterday i met and had a conversation with a staff sgt on terminal leave out of ft lewis. he's getting out at 100%. he's still able to walk, but with some obvious challenges. as we talked about his time overseas, it was funny to see that some things in the army haven't changed much in the last 50 years. lieutenants still aren't very bright, and sgts still run the army. almost all army vehicles are automatics now, and most of the troops don't know how to drive sticks, including the sgt i met, and we laughed about how he had to learn on short notice, and his "2 hour bl
  13. i use to have a white baton carrier around here somewhere. if i still have it, do you want it to complete your set?
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