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    Huge interest in WW2 and post-war M1 helmets, particularly the fixed bail and early production M1 liners + accessories.

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  1. Leather liner chinstrap looks like early post-war production (DOT stamped hardware). PAt
  2. It's original; I believe the webbing is early thin type that would fit nicely with the early cast buckles. I have an early production fixed bail with cast buckles that also has the slightly "narrow" webbing, I still remember comparing the thickness with my other fixed bail chinstraps. In the book "M1 Helmet of the World War II GI", page 28 shows pictures of different web chinstraps and their thickness; they came in all shapes and colours. Also keep in mind that over time chinstraps will swell from moisture, dirt, and heavy usage. Pat
  3. This is a tough one and would need an in-hand inspection; a look at the white paint through a loupe would also be needed. At least the Westinghouse Jump liner is an original WWII production. In today's world, if any WWII airborne painted helmet does not come with provenance then it's best to be skeptical. Pat
  4. The D-bails have wrong feet which is a dead giveaway that they're reproductions Shell OD3 chinstraps look like reproductions as well Shell markings are artificially aged repros Leather liner chinstrap is Euro clone Leather chin cup looks like Navy talker type Only gem in there is the original Inland jump liner that's in super+ condition. Pat
  5. Kinda reminds me of these helmets posted here: https://www.usmilitariaforum.com/forums/index.php?/topic/286627-civil-police-m1-helmets/
  6. Sigs, I'm not too familiar with USN medical units but is there a difference between them? I watched footage and seen a corpsmen with these painted helmets: - H-DIV with red crosses (appear to be receiving wounded on ships) - USCG with red crosses (both on beaches and on ships) - Yellow or white dots but no red crosses (mostly on beaches) - Coast guard medics (mostly on ships) Thanks in advance!
  7. I believe H-DIV are hospital ships, or at least a hospital on a ship where wounded were brought in. Hopefully one of our Navy vets can provide more details on H-DIV's. Pat
  8. Similar one for WWII Footage (D-Day I believe)
  9. Really nice, original H-DIV helmet; wish I had the money too. I saved pictures of it in my helmet reference folder as these one scarcely come up. Pat
  10. Paint looks really chippy; looks like you should be able to lift it with a toothpick or use duct tape to remove it without harsh chemicals. Pat
  11. The foam padding inside makes me think of kiddie soap box derby. Second thought is the helmet being a commemorative piece for a vet. Pat
  12. Unless the helmet comes with solid provenance I wouldn’t touch it. Also seller’s description: “This is an original 517th PIR Airborne Helmet M1 FB WWII. I purchased it along with several other items directly from a “basement” museum in Belgium in 2007 while on a WWII Battlefield Tour. I was on an expat assignment living in The Hague at the time. I have been collecting US Militaria for nearly 20 yrs and this helmet comes from my personal collection and has been in it for 13 yrs now. This is an extremely rare helmet. If you are in the collecting community then you are aware of that. I will answer any questions, however please don’t send me notes with your opinions on authenticity and / or “I heard that....etc”. You will see from my history that I am active in this field. Some background on the 517 PIR: The 517th Parachute Infantry Regiment (517th PIR) was an airborne infantry regiment of the United States Army, formed during World War II. At times the regiment was attached to the 17th Airborne Division, 82nd Airborne Division and later, the 13th Airborne Division. During most of their combat, the unit was an independent combined force of 17th Airborne troops called the 517th Parachute Regimental Combat Team or 517th PRCT /517th PCT /517th RCT. Specific to the fighting in Belgium: The 517th was attached to the XVIII Airborne Corps following the liberation of France, along with the 82nd, 101st, and 13th Airborne Divisions. Elements of the 517th participated in counter-attacks near the Belgian towns of Soy, Sur-Les-Hys, Hotton, and Manhay, pushing the German offensive past its starting point. The 517th suffered heavy casualties in the ferocious fighting during the battle, during which 1st Battalion, 517th received the Presidential Unit Citation for its successful assault on Soy and Hotton. I reserve the right to cancel the auction at anytime. If you don’t have good feedback then please do not bid. I will sell to overseas bidders - assume additional shipping costs for secure shipping with signature on receipt. Those costs will be communicated via receipt so you know your not being charged more than actual shipping cost. I will only accept PayPal and all costs need to be paid prior to shipment. Finally, I have the helmet listed in a couple of communities. No refunds - if your don’t know “your stuff” don’t bid.”
  13. The M2 is bad; the dead giveaway is the wrong feet on the loops and repro chinstraps with incorrect snaps. The 7th div helmet is good, I remember not long a go a batch of them was found in very good condition and were sold on M1 Helmet Depot. Pat
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