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    Huge interest in WW2 and post-war M1 helmets, particularly the fixed bail and early production M1 liners + accessories.

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  1. Nice comparison Grant, I was doubting myself the entire time. I agree with what Tom Kibler said earlier. This helmet is one of those “artefakes” that were floating around in the 2000’s. These were museum copies, down to original WWII parts being used. I still remember the rolls of original chinstrap webbing and even NOS WWII United Carr snaps being sold on the market. Pat
  2. Interesting. The D-bails look correct but as Persian Gulf said, there is no staining on the inside from the rust. The OD3 chinstrap brass hook and buckle are original too. My guess is that they may have been added later or were build using original parts; I still remember a couple of rolls of original OD3 chinstrap webbing going around in the early-mid 2000's. It would also be good to see the snaps as they should NOT be blackened brass. I also noticed some of the stitching on the inside appears to be off? hard to tell.
  3. Are they on USMF? Would be good to see some additional pictures. It does seem odd to not include those photos for such a big item... Pat
  4. This one could be a good one. However, the painted hearts and D-bail feet would require better inspection. Pat
  5. Nice helmet, though a bit of cringe at the paint being scraped off the inner visor.... Your helmet net is also a seldom seen "hexagon hole" vehicle net (aka shrimp net). Here is some pics of the same type being worn in WWII. Pat
  6. Don't have any First Sergeant or Master Sergeant; will scour the web for them.
  7. Technician 3rd class (T/3) - This is the only one I could find, rare helmet...
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