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  1. I'm honestly not sure what would cause this other than where it was stored previously. The possibility is that it was stored in an humid area as the lug in the top of the helmet has some corrosion on the underside of the helmet also. I'm not sure what happened to the emblem. I'm pretty sure this one I picked up on ebay a couple years back so I don't have a backstory on it.
  2. This is one of the helmets from the rest of my collection Richard.
  3. So as some have seen, I'm liquidating the collection in preparation for my first little one. In doing so, I've dug up some old memories, things I've forgotten I've had and some old favorites. In doing so, I've pulled out one of my favorites tonight. I'm not sure if I can part with this one yet until I find out more about him. So this uniform is huge. I'm 6'1 and 215#, I usually wear a 40L jacket. I usually never put a uniform on, but when I got this one I had to. I've got a couple inches in the sleeves, and a couple inches in the chest, and that's with a tshirt and hoodie on. I wish I
  4. I'm okay with it being added and from the 1920's. Obviously Marines were adding them at that time. I just wanted to make sure it's not a modern patch that is fooling me for the sake of making a more desirable uniform. I appreciate the everyone's thoughts.
  5. Thanks zotig. It's only my second one from this period with a patch. The outside stiching attaching the patch to the uniform is the same as my first one. The machine stich is like my first one also and keeps the clean edge. My first patched uniform was verified here by numerous people. Even the fabric of the patch is nearly identical. What makes me nervous is I haven't seen a patch with the stiched Indian head. Not that I've seen many, but in my searches.
  6. Alright guys, I've been away from collecting for awhile due to my business starting up almost a year ago and with my upcoming marriage. I decided to troll through Ebay and came across this uniform. I didn't have much time to look in to it, and the pictures weren't the greatest... pretty tell tale signs, BUT the last time I picked up one of these uniforms there were only 3 horrible pictures and the risk paid off big. Though both offer returns. So some of the construction of this patch is similar to my only verified jacket, but then there are some differences. I know different types were made, b
  7. Thanks guys. I had another gentleman contact me saying he had two wings like the top one. He said he got them straight from the vet and they were to WASP pilots that they got after graduation from school. I guess we'll never really know for sure... so they'll continue to sit at the local antique store.
  8. Now I don't collect wings, though I've always liked and brought in unique items. I was at the local antique store today and ran across these wings. They are all marked sterling, except the top one, though it seems to be sterling too? The thing that throws me off IS the top one. It's engraved with Pat on the face. No makers mark on the back and not marked sterling. My thought was jewlers made. I'm just wondering from those that know more about wings, what exactly am I looking? They guy wants $250 for the group, I'm most interested in the top one since it's engraved, but obviously I'll take
  9. Nice collection and neatly organized. Very nice
  10. Bob, it looked like the heart in the bottom picture of your post. I had seen the EIC in trying to figure it out myself, but I only found information showing the heart off the blade and quartered. Misfit, it was a cleaner heart without the circle. Like I said, I'm really in the dark when it comes to weapons. Are these type bayonets worth the $60 with scabbard in relatively clean condition?
  11. Today I went to wander the antique store. Having just opened up a bicycle shop, I'm now a broke business owner till business picks up haha. While there I had the manager recognize me and quickly show me a socket bayonet with leather scabbard. I know NOTHING about bayonets really. I was trying to do some homework on it as he wanted $60 for it. The only marking I saw on it was at the base of the blade. It was a simple heart shape. No letters or numbers around it. I could have overlooked something as I only quickly looked at it. I know it's a long shot, but does anyone know of a maker's mark that
  12. Super jealous! Beautiful jacket. Let me know if you want to sell it haha
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