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    US medals and insignia (VN era and earlier), SAC Memorabilia, as well as International Orders & Decorations.
  1. Hello, I found this this the other day when antiques stores re-opened in Texas and am not sure what it is. The tag on the insignia said it was a State Militia Collar Brass but I cannot confirm. Has anyone seen insignia like this before? Thanks for the help.
  2. Kim, I like how that works. Little pieces of a puzzle coming together to create the bigger picture. Stay well
  3. Maybe the SG armband identifies some one as a Security Guard who isn't Military Police.
  4. Kim, thanks to your belt buckles it provided me a start point (Germany) to help track down more information on the elusive 7871st. From what I found the 7871st wasn't an Military Police unit but a Training and Education Group at the Kitzingen Training Center. The 7871st E&T Grp had an MP guard force (company sized element) that was assigned to provide security.
  5. Thank you for your time and effort.
  6. Kim, Thanks for the reply. I bet you are right, that the "SG" probably does stand for "Security Guard" and not State Guard. I'm not 100% sure of the command relation but I think that US Army Europe may have fallen under the Headquarters of 7th US Army back in the 1950s. I wonder if the 7871 "H.G" on your belt buckle stands for "Headquarters Guard"?
  7. The next item came from the estate of a widow whose husband served in the US Navy from WWII thru Vietnam. The insignia is made of sterling silver so and I’m not sure if the item is subdued or if the silver patina has taking over the gilt. Does anyone know if the US Navy used subdued insignia? I know that US Navy had a grey working uniform for officesr during WWII.
  8. Hello, I hope everyone is well during these trying times. Since I’m stuck in the house (thanks CoV19), I’ve been going through boxes of miscellaneous stuff and rediscovering things that I have bought at shows, flea markets, and estates sales over the years. While digging through some things, I came across these two items and I was hoping someone can help identify them. The First item is this MP insignias that I picked up at a show. What is interesting is that it is uniquely number “7871” and has an “SG”, which I assume means “State Guard”. Is anyone familiar with State Guard Insignia?
  9. Probably not, since the 92nd SP Sqdn was assigned to a SAC Bomb Wing (92nd), and SACs motto was "Peace is our Profession".
  10. Hi Mark, Thanks for your time and help. The 92nd Security Police Sqdn is my childhood nemesis. When I was a kid, my dad was stationed at Fairchild AFB with the 325th Bomb Sqdn from 1972-76, and I got picked up by those SPs for throwing snowballs at car. Best, John
  11. JC, Thanks for the reply. I would imagine the chain represents some sort of restraint. Interesting, what you identified as a tornado (which it might be) I assumed was rising smoke. The blue, I see as the sky and the brown as the land with the white star bursts being explosions or maybe city lights.
  12. Can anyone idnetify this patch? It was purchased in Dallas back in January of this year at a gun/militaria show. The patch measures approximately 2.5" inches (6.35cm) in diameter. The patches appears to depict a B-52 bomber flying above an ICBM. I am not sure if the orientation/position of the patch is correct. Thanks! John
  13. The Alamo City Militaria Expo (ACME) show scheduled for 25 April 2020, has been cancelled due to the COVID-19 crisis. We apologize for the inconvenience. See you all in Fall at the 25 October Show! Stay Well!
  14. Hey Guys, Thanks for posting this. Here is the show flyer. Look forward to seeing everyone there!
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