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  1. Nice Find ! I have a '41 cup looking for a match Tom
  2. Great collection. Thanks for posting and taking the time to share. Tom
  3. thanks guys. I appreciate the time spent on this lower pack. It is out of my focus of my collecting helmets so I decided to put it on ebay. I've been debating keeping it, but will be moving soon and need to sell some items. Tom
  4. Great collections. I love canteen and covers. Love the enamel cups too.
  5. Thank you gents. I wasn't sure of what kind of pack this was. This has a lot of markings all throughout the pack, quite interesting. Tom
  6. WWII USMC what I believe to be a haversack. Just picked this up. Many markings on it.
  7. That is the best one I've seen. I too am skeptical of these helmets, but yours is one that I would own.
  8. Thanks for the liner photo. Nice find. Love the colors on the Normandy Lids. Sarge
  9. Great finds. I have always favored the M42's and the Tranny's. I have seen only one M40 DD that was verified being legit. Very nice, Sarge
  10. I have the same style suit case your helmet is sitting on. Except mine came with a Pearl Harbor Survivor's uniform inside. Nice Helmet too.
  11. Can you take a photo of the liner please. Thanks
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