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  1. Can anyone tell me what is the website of American Power Source inc.?
  2. Dear Friend: I'm interested in that uniform, sell or exchange for any type of material, tell me where I can get one thanks
  3. Dear Friend: I'm interested in that pledge, would you be willing to sell or exchange for any type of material celtas12@hotmail.com
  4. estimado amigo: estoy interesado en esa prenda, estaría usted dispuesto a venderla o cambiar por algun tipo de material
  5. Dear Friends I'm looking for the tiger experimental used by the USAF if someone has the same and wants to sell or trade I am very interested. also sought to camouflage or USMC Tpatt good copy :think:
  6. Dear Friends I am a collector of the Marine Corps, I'm looking covers uniform worn in winter climates, a variant of marpat but in white and gray, if anyone can sell any such uniform or can tell me where I can get it. if anyone looking for Spanish material, I can help
  7. thank you very much for your help, if you know who has one or inform me where I can buy it interests me, especially the helmet covers, I have Spanish materials in case anyone cares
  8. Hello everybody, my nickname is Celtic, I am Spanish and collector in marine usmc, I am interested in camouflage used by the body especially'm looking for the one used in the 90s called t-patt pattern or trial, if someone can help me I would like to get some
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