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  1. Not with any accuracy. McCord, Scheuter and Reading-Parrish all had very slight profile differences, but without a visible heat stamp, in my opinion, it is near impossible to determine which. I've seen some helmets where the heat stamps could not be located. The Reading-Parish stamp is on the right side near the chinstrap swivel, instead of at the brim (and thus could be missed). The toughest M1 shells to even date are rear-seam examples with no visible markings. They were pretty indistinguishable from 1944 to the early 1960s. If you are wanting to ID the liner, that is much easier with ma
  2. Trying to post the helmet liner figure from AR670-5 (1959 and 1971) http://rmdphotos.smugmug.com/Jim-Rogers-Photography/mpmuseum/4959222_crHgsG/4066911250_PFwnCxT#!i=4066911250&k=PFwnCxT&lb=1&s=A
  3. Sorry for the late response to this topic. I have recently done research into the regulations for MP helmet or liner markings and have found the following: I have located the AR670-5 for 1959 and 1971 and following is the text from the MP marking segment: Text from AR670-5, 1959, page 52: (4) ALL MILITARY POLICE PERSONNEL [(1), (2), (3), (4), (5), fig. 29]. (a) The letters "MP" on the helmet or helmet liner as shown in (1) and (2), figure 29. ( A painted band generally parallel to the edge and following the contour of the helmet or helmet liner as shown in (3), figure 29. The b
  4. Great photos of a nice selection of M1917A1's! The reconditioning/upgrades of the older M1917s began in 1936. According to Reynosa's "US Combat Helmets of the 20th Century", the new-produced McCord M1917A1s were only produced between February and May of 1941.
  5. The liner is a 1964 or later version. The three buckles were for the nape strap (with 3 straps). Many soldiers removed the straps for actual use. In your example, the three crown suspension straps cross over each other at the top, as opposed to the older type liner (1941-1963) with the cord adjustment at the top. If you look under the removable leather headband (if it has it), at the right temple, and look at the green strap underneath, you should find the nomenclature stamp with contract date on the strap. There might be a white label with the same information right on the liner interior at t
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