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  1. I picked up this grouping of Dress Blues,Medals,Dog tags and Challenge coins to Master Gunnery Sergeant Manuel Mancillas Jr 660 720. I believe he was at the Choisin Reservoir. Any information I could get on this Marine would be greatly appreciated
  2. I am the caretaker of these awards,and would welcome any pointers on how to research this brave soldier. Thanks for any advice
  3. I picked up this grouping recently,and assume Cpl Couch was in the 44th Combat Enigineers.Can someone please explain what the numbers 34 501 and 236 that are on the plaque under his name refer to? Thanks in Advance!
  4. This was found in a Flea Market,and while I am certain it is from The Western Branch National Home for Disabled Volunteer Soldiers in Ft Leavenworth Ks I cannot make out what his original unit was. ANY help would be very greatly appreciated
  5. thank you VERY much for the quick reply,i'll pass the info along to him
  6. a good friend of mine found this when clearing out a relatives house after the relative passed away. can anyone please tell me if this is from the Civil War? these are all of the pics i have ,but if needed can get him to take more thanks very much for any help
  7. my grandfather was in the 29th. he took alot of prisoners in Brest
  8. thank you for ythe kind words,and you are correct. he got alot of items from the Kriegsmarine ,Coastal Artillery,and First U Boot Flotille in Brest. He told me when i was a child that is where he picked up the majority of items he brought home. he was especially proud of a boot knife he found when searching a prisoner.
  9. Before World War Two, he served in Panama,and worked to build the railway
  10. My grandfather was Lawrence Brown,and was an MP in the 29th Inf Div. He was originally in the Coastal Artillery,but transferred to the MP's in 1942 this is war time pic of him, and is how i think of him He was in England,France,Belgium,Holland and Germany He was awarded the Bronze Star for Meritorious Service,as well as the Good Conduct medal. he also recieved the ribbons for the American Defense Medal,as well as the ribbon with four campaign starts for the ETO he brought many souvieners from the war home,and he is the man who sparked my interest in collec
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