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  1. Nice find. Is that brown stuff on the front of the slide cosmoline or rust? My guess is cosmoline of course, just wondered though...
  2. Thanks for the information. He was in the service from 1941 till at least 1945, if not longer. He went from a private to a lieutenant by the wars end. He would have been US Army and was involved with communication. So what's the best way to find someone's service number?
  3. I recently decided I wanted to have some repro dog tags made of the style my grandpop would have worn during WWII. First of all-- were all military personnel required to wear tags? I have noticed in the old photos that it seems like quite a few of the guys in pics did not wear them... I do not really have any photos in which I can tell if he is wearing any or not. At anyrate, I want to have a set made that would be exactly like the ones he would have worn if he did wear any. So this brings up the question, where do I get all the information that belongs on the tags? I would probably need his town of residence before service, Name, religion and, social security number. The social security number is what I wonder about. Now that he is passed away, I'm sure it would not hurt to have it on the tags. But I really don't know how I would find out what it was. I could substitute an imaginary one, but I would like to make these as real as possible. So what do you all think? Thanks!
  4. Nice Ithaca! It's possible that it has been used in the Vietnam war. I don't know if I would try to authentisize it, rather let it stand for the last conflict it could have been used in. Of course it could have been messed with outside the service, in which case I might change out certain parts.
  5. Sleep on the bare ground several nights in a row and that will work wonders on it in a hurry. Worked great in Civil War reenacting.
  6. Very nice photos! Come on, I know there's more of you lurking out there
  7. Nice find. Did you ask the seller about his service?/\ I always like to get any of that info I can. If you can why miss the chance to make your collection more interesting!
  8. Looks like a lot of fun! I never could resist those old jeeps either...
  9. Why would somebody want to do that....
  10. That is fascinating. Always makes me sad when I find things like this out after people are dead. I have had the opportunity to meet several very unusual and famous veterans, and I always dream of meeting veterans like Bill Millin. Some veterans seemed to be where history was so on the move. Stirring moments!
  11. Hi, Love the hat! By the way, it is almost impossible to find pictures of the inside of War Between the States era hats. Could I be so bold as to ask, can you please take some close ups of the sewing where the leather sweatband attaches to the felt (with a ruler for stitches per inch) and where the two ends of the sweatband meet? Also close ups of the ribbon on the brim? If you could I sure would appreciate it, I've been trying to find out how the insides of these hats were put together ever since my earliest days of CW reenacting about six years ago!
  12. Always loved The Longest Day. I didn't realize the bagpiper was a real person, thought he was just a Hollywood invention! No soldier like a Scot.
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