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  1. Hello, Very interesting post, unfortunately, the pictures posted by Yannick have disappeared ! Bertrand
  2. Hello, Thanks for your reply. The T29 I mentionned is illustrated here : https://bulletpicker.com/bomb_-100-lb-smoke_-t29.html As I removed the green paint on my bomb, I find OD paint on the body and a blue paint remains on the tail like the picture Charlie has posted. So I think, I will restored it like the picture. Is somebody know the size of the markings ? Bertrand
  3. Hello, I've found a M38A2 practise bomb and it needs to be repainted. Is it possible to have the WW2 era stenciling ? Thanks Bertrand
  4. Hello, I've recently acquired these empty M38A2 bomb body. It has been used during WW2 as practise bomb or as a smoke one (called T29). As I would like to restore it as a T29, do you know which markings I've to aplied ? Thanks in advance. Bertrand
  5. Hello, Could you please show us the differents marking on the stock ? Thanks Bertrand
  6. Hello, Thanks for these additionnal information. Bertrand
  7. Hello, Who's talking about airborne equipment ? not me. I'm just asking for ww2 area pictures showing the case in use. Thanks Bertrand
  8. Hello, Here is my last find in a french flea market for the price of a cigarette pack. I'm happy, my BC611 too ! I've never seen one excepted in my documentation ! Do you know WW2 area pictures showing use of these ? Thanks in advance. Bertrand
  9. Hello, Do you know from which airfield the connector comes from ? Bertrand.
  10. Thanks for your replies. Do you think this tin could date around ww2 area ? Bertrand
  11. Hello, I've found it in a flea market in France, could you please date it ? Thanks for your help. Bertrand
  12. Hello, These leggins (found in France) look like ww2 army regulation leggins excepting a different marking : N140-62236s-50956B Could you identify these ? Thanks in advance Bertrand
  13. Hello, Could you please indicate me the area of these matches ? Thanks Bertrand
  14. Hello, Do you think these gloves (I think they are civilian ?) may be used by military officers or soldiers during ww2 ? A label indicates the size 9, as well as wool regulation gloves. The dot are "United Carr" making. Thanks Bertrand
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