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  1. You guys look pretty good. I can not offer any other suggestions except what has already been mentioned- Change the way you carry your weapons. In a real tactical situation spread out a little more, Make sure everyone is portraying the same unit. With just a little adjustments you all will look really squared away! Transport out
  2. Ahoy: PAL 36 knives can still be found on ebay. You might try looking at some of the larger military shows such as the Show of Shows that is coming up in February. I lucked up and found one on ebay a few years ago that did not have a sheath, and needed some TLC. After a clean up and treating the leather handle with some saddle soap, and polishing it up, this brought it back to life. As for a new sheath a friend was a saddle maker and cranked out a great looking sheath that is just like the original. Sure Kabar knives came in to general issue in 43' but a PAL 36 will carry you to a tim
  3. Ahoy! Right on what others have posted so far. At Guadalcanal Marines did not have the Frogskin camo covers for the M1 helmets. These along with the Camo shelterhalfs, ponchos and uniforms make thier first apperance at Tarawa. Corpsmen even then carried 2 canteens of the 1st pattern (with snaps) or 2nd pattern with LTD fasteners. For a belt knife you can't go wrong with a PAL 36 fixed blade knife. Kabars did not come out in quantity till Tarawa in 43'. As for other medical type items if you are setting up a display rather than participating in a tactical you will want to cons
  4. Ahoy! I obatined one of the USMC M1910 Snap type pouch cartridge belts and it is fine. Transport out
  5. Ahoy! Excellent topic here. In reading "A Texas Marine in France" by Jackson he mentions also that in January of 1918 that Pershing ordered that all Marines shall received Army Drab uniforms for the same reasons previously mentioned. However, do you all here beleive that this also applies to the Officers? Especially those company grade officers who would find themselves in the trenches? Would they too be wearing Army uniforms, except with the addition of the collar insignia that photos show officers wearing? SF Transport out
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