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    10th mountain division during world war two.<br />I have been collecting for the last 20 years and have mountain, infantry, airborne, navy, USAAF stuff but my main interest is mountain gear and history.<br />Please, get in touch with me if you have some stuff for sale or swap. Thanks in advance, Laurent
  1. Good evening Johan, thanks for sharing your very nice army denim set, a very nice mannequin Indeed, well worth the time you waited… Merry Christmas, Laurent
  2. Hello Michael, great to see you here and to read your comments about this division. My very best regards, Laurent M. from Belgium
  3. Nice jackets Jeren, I have the same disease as you have, one is not enough... And BARman, the jacket comes with a 60 inch belt as stated by flage guy, a very difficult belt to find. Laurent M.
  4. Hello Ian, thanks a lot, that is exactly what I thought about this one. It is in good condition but priced accordingly so I think I will take a chance. I also had a long talk with Johan and he had the same ideas. Thanks a lot to both of you. Laurent M.
  5. Hello everybody, I would like to have some ideas, opinions, advices about this WW2 helmet liner made by inland. Here comes some pictures I have received from the collector who sell this liner. Thanks in advance, Laurent
  6. I have found this topic in the reference part of the forum : http://www.usmilitariaforum.com/forums/ind...?showtopic=1065 Back in 2007, there were no clues about the use of this tool. And I don't think the leather pouch was used with any of the axes described in post n°1 of the 2007 thread as its shape is really specific and fits perfectly for the head of this tool. Laurent M.
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