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  1. The Hangover patch is a Vietnam era made . I don't know if it is a "novelty" patch because there were so many different ones made for small units (AHC) and for whole divisions (173rd Airborne had "The Herd"archs The 25th "Wolfhounds)It is made exactly like some of the patches I kept.....the backing is the give away...looks like cheese cloth which is a good sign Hang on to it
  2. You are correct Wahooman. The bugle was used by French soldiers who were slaughtered at the beginning of the film. Did you notice that that bugle was picked up at the end of the film by a trooper in the First Calvary? The NVA also used whistles at the beginning of am ambush...
  3. Very nice original field pack.....not many sent home You have a real prize!!
  4. Hi I have a ietnam era helmet shell just like yours It is apple green and I cannot find any stampings either..It is a US helmet. May just be a unique one Steve
  5. hello I bought a Vietnam paratrooper helmet On the chinstrap hook metal there is the letter "P" Is this an original issued Vietnam helmet chinstrap or post Vietnam issue thank you for your time Steve
  6. Hi Jake The color of the chinstrap is not gray but the same OD as the anchor and blank hardware I thank you for your knowledge and reply best regards Steve
  7. Hello I have seen Viet Nam US paratrooper helmet that does not have the anchor but the letter "P". I have been told that the company that made the chinstraps that stamped the chinstrap went out of business in 1969; In the interum the chinstrap hardware was stamped with the letter "P" If this is true any help will be appreciated best regards Stev
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