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  1. So it's YOUR FAULT I can't find any decent liners here - It looks as if they're all in the UK! VERY nice collection there!!
  2. Thanks for all the well wishes guys - I'm hoping all that Medical stuff is as gone as 2012! Mostly, I hope the photos I took are good enough they show the differences in the two helmet makers. I know people who can tell a Schlueter from a McCord just by looking at a helmet sitting by itself. I never could see the differences until I saw these two sitting beside each other on my shelves! (Second shelf from top - middle)
  3. Hi Guys!!! I just bought a 'Like New' late WWII Schlueter helmet from another member with a brand new liner. I took photos of it because it looks like brand new, and I may show them later, even though these LATE WWII helmets with green straps are not very popular. Then it dawned on me that I have a McCord that's in almost as good of condition, so I did the best that I could taking photos of the Schlueter and the McCord side by side to demonstrate the differences in their shapes. (I hope that some will find this interesting) My sincere apologies for being away for so long - I've be
  4. Of interest, General Rommel said he both hated and admired the RAF in North Africa. He was know to fly low over his own troops and if there was no enemy in front of their positions, he'd write a note and tie to a rock and say "There is no enemy in front of you - advance at once" Hi had his own Stork and pilot, but he sometimes flew it by himself to check the lines. He never had a flying license. I just added this photo because it an interesting example of having the correct camo for the area. Here's another use of American aircraft used by the British - The Wildcats flew supp
  5. Great Tread Ian! It takes a lot of work scanning photos like that. You're corret - There was a large number of P-40's that were destined for France, but when it fell they were given to Britain under lend lease. Britain deployed many of them to North Africa early in WWII. I have a really good booktitled The Desert War by George Forty and found some images of US aircraft being used. Yes, there were squadrons of P-40's in North Africa and they did a lot of damage to the Germans. It's very difficult to see when taxiing tail draggers and it was common for crew chiefs to help
  6. Decent original WWII era liner chin straps can run $100 and up these days rams2050. For many obvious reasons there aren't a lot that have survived in good condition, and colletcors who have the upper scale helmets will understandably pay some high prices to complete their expensive helmet sets with a good quality original. There are reproductions, but I bought two and didn't like either of them very much. Color was off, different thickness, and cheap buckles that didn't work very well. I found some that are supposed to be USGI from the early 60's at a fairly good price and they feel and lo
  7. Same thing with me, aef1917. I just came back to look again and I like it even less. I wouldn't bid on it if it was my money.(JMO)
  8. I agree with aef1917. It looks pretty good at first glance, but it also looks like it might have been force 'aged' some by rubbing/sanding. Specific areas of wear like that can be real, but they're one of the things that always makes me look closer. These have really gotten pricey and if I were interested enough to bid, I would have to have an inspection period on this one. The paint on 1917's are usually at an age where it's good to be able to look and feel the paint up close to determine if it seems to have authentic surface oxidation. Sinse the prices have gotten to be so high on these
  9. Oh No... Justin would never go too far with anything.
  10. I agree with Justin - it's an early Vietnam liner from the years 1960-1963. I would have paid $40 for it. Throw on a Mitchel cover and you're good to go as an early VN helmet. (A Mitchel cover would also hide the dent)
  11. I was watching it all week too when the price was low. The markings were shaped poor enough I thought it 'might' be real. (I've become quite jaded too 1canpara!) Then the price went through the roof at the end, and far beyond what I'd consider taking a chance on (If I did have $500 to spend!) Kind of glad it came up here and the problems have been pointed out so I don't feel so much like I missed out! (I should have known that you guys were watching it too!)
  12. Another outstanding helmet for your ever growing collection Ian! I'm happy it found a good home! (GREAT detective work to discover the hidden marking too!) :thumbsup:
  13. You got me with that one Ian. I kind of think Max might be onto something and it was painted by a civilian as a protest or something(?)
  14. Congrats! Glad it went to someone who'll appreciate it! :thumbsup: Please post some photos when you get it.
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