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  1. I think i will listen to the knowledgeable people here and leave it alone, plus it is really bloody hard and i am too lazy ! Sealed it will stay. Thanks for your advice, really do appreciate it.
  2. here is what it looks like, some kind of glue
  3. #939 I am 100 % confident its real and WWII but prospective buyers my not be
  4. honestly, just making sure its all legit and i do want to sell it and i assume buyer will ask ?'s ......
  5. Hi, I have just bought a gold escape kit and its still sealed, I would like to open it and get a good look inside but i am having a hard time getting it open, seems to be hard glue or sealant of some kind, looks aged and i am able to cut it with a stanley knife, but is there an easier way or am i doing something wrong.......???? thanks for any help
  6. Does anyone know when the next show will be in San Jose ?
  7. i just bought one of these helmets and wanted to know if anyone has ever seen one of the nuclear flash set ups for sale and what kind of money they went for ????
  8. the advertising for this show was very poor
  9. Does anyone know if there is a Militaria show in San Jose at the Napardek tomorrow, 7/23 ? Not sure why i have it on my calendar but i can not find it anywhere on the web ???? Thanks in advance
  10. I know there are some very knowledgeable people here and have been helped many many times with id's Hoping someone can help again. I recently acquired this bomb drop mechanism set up that still functions and wanted to ask if anyone had any ideas of what kind of aircraft it would have been fitted in. The only markings apart from the 1000 LB and the 2 500LB levers. On the bottom plate it has the numbers 147599-10 and on the "arm" lever it has 147599-11 I thank you in advance for any help.
  11. I just picked these up with a bunch of items and to be honest I was only after 1 particular item, I have never seen anything like this anywhere and wanted to know if the were WW2 issue to aircrews or ???? I have 11 different aircraft, The cards I have removed were out of the P47 Packet, They are made of rigid plastic with a pin hole on the top corner. The Pack has P47 N 1 to 25 Based on T.O 01-65bd-1 AND A Picture of a p47 The actual cards have stats For Flight Operations Guide Card and all kind of stats for different weights, I have uploaded pics. Any guidance or help is much
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