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    Mostly the M1911A1 pistol, but once I got the pistol I had to get the fighting knife, and the magazine pouch and the canteen and so on and so on.......
  1. Oh man that's nice, I'm green with envy, Thanks for showing it. Mike
  2. Oop's I worded my post incorrectly, I didn't mean that it was okay to modify a firearm into full auto, I meant more along the lines that it can be done.. If this M3 is sold as a semi auto "if" someone makes it full auto it would be illegal, The ease at how it can be made illegal doesn't make it okay to do it. Thanks for pointing out my mistake, The last thing I want to do is promote illegal activity.
  3. I'm not convinced that there is a problem with this M3. The simple fact is that it's not real difficult to make any semi auto into a full auto with a little sear work. Mike
  4. Nice rifle, I'm not sure what the serial number on the stock is about. I see you detail stripped it. I'm the same way when I get a new pistol, I'm not happy until I've taken it apart and cleaned it. Thanks for sharing the pictures. Mike
  5. I'm like 60/40 that it is a repark, but if it is it was well done and it was done quite some time ago. At least that's my halfway educated guess. Mike
  6. Nice, I just love that green tint that the parkerizing takes on. Thanks for sharing the photos. Mike
  7. I always wonder what old army stuff would say if it could talk. Stuff like this does seem to speak a bit, love them. Mike
  8. Carter, To answer your question. No. I've never heard of such a thing, I'm really wondering what that's all about. I've got a standard box of ammo dated 72, OLIN corporation, but the lot number is different. I've never heard of aluminum cases in US Military ammo. I'm taking up space here just to tell you how curious I am about it. Mike
  9. Hard to begin to imagine how much those North American Arms Company 1911's are worth, those are the top of the heap. Yet another example I've only seen pictures of. Singers and North American Arms pistols are certainly interesting but they are for the serious collector, I wanted an all origional 1911A1 but the best I have been able to afford is one with a replacement slide, I guess that's for the best because I like to shoot mine without taking a chance on distroying an origional. The simple fact is that even the 1911's made from odd parts are getting to be around $1000.00, When I was a little guy they were going for around a hundred bucks but so were the M1's Mike
  10. Snafu, I don't think that's a military holster, I understand that the M3 type holster was popular and troopers often made their own or had local craftsmen make one for them. Your looks like it was made by someone that knew what they were doing though, I have a repro m3 holster that I like better than all the rest out there, but the downside is that there isn't a place for an extra magazine. I'm far from an expert with these things but in my experience I've never seen an actual military contract holster like that one. Mike
  11. I've done a little hunting around on the net, it appears that ENGER-KRESS holsters are commonly found undated. I'm going up to 99% sure that your's is authentic WW II. I really like these holsters in fact they are my favorite. I have a reproduction M3, amazingly it is stamped ENGER-KRES (just one S) 1943. I'd love to find one like yours in the junk bin. Mike.
  12. I'm not an expert on 1911's, (I'm not an expert at anything) but 1911's particularly WW II vintage 1911's are my biggest interest as far as hobby and collecting go. I've only seen a few pictures of Singer 1911's. I understand that the majority of the 500 singers made are unaccounted for, they could be anywhere, rusting on an old battlfield, sitting in some old vet's attic. Singer's have been the subject of forgery quite often. Even the standard Colt, Remington Rand, Union Switch and Signal and Ithica's are very often the focus of forgers. A person has really got to know their way around when dealing with a pistol like a Singer. I don't think I'd be interested in owning one.
  13. I got to thinking about it. I was in the service after Vietnam, We used the PRC 77 on foot patrols along the German Border, That thing would be darned hard to hide, particularly the antenna, and I do recall that those radios were sensitive about their antenna's. I guess if I were on a combat patrol I'd love to hide the radio but I think it would be pretty obvious that a person had a radio. Interesting question though. Kinda off topic, I recall being in Germany when a Sergeant from another troop defected to East Germany with a PRC 77 radio attached to an encoding device, I think the East Germans sent him back (minus the radio and encoder) a few months later. I bet that guy would love to hide that radio.... He got a pretty substantial prison sentence for that move.
  14. An M1911 and another M1911, If I don't pick a rifle can I have two 1911's?
  15. Here you go. Same make of holster, looks to be undated too. These guys overcharge like CRAZY but maybe you can compare yours with this one. I'm high 90% chance your's is authentic WW 11. You can test the threads under black light if they don't glow it is probably authentic, if they do glow it's a repro. I would guess that your holster realistically is worth between $75 and $150 depending on where you are. http://www.collectorsfirearms.com/admin/pr...hp?itemID=22545 The holster on this site does have some repair work on the stitching so on the new stitching the black light deal won't work.
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