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  1. Hi guys, I came across this Ike jacket from a 83rd medic who was with the 8th armored. At first glance a nice group but at closer look some questions. first the PUC, I don't think the 8th or 83rd ever got the PUC (even twice here as it bears an oak leaf, it also looks like a USAAF version) Also, the ribbons, some of the ribbons have lost colour (the good conduct and victory) but next to the good conduct, the EAME is still bright red (and the row of three lower ribbons is sewed together on one pin bar)? I also checked on the rosters of the 8th armored (apparently this person was
  2. Thank you all for your insights and answers... this case is now closed...
  3. Photo 9 first cover mounted on helmet, second cover loose on table
  4. Photo 8 second cover outher and inside stitching of fingers
  5. Photo 7 second cover double stitching of middle seam detail
  6. Photo 5 second cover flat on table stamp on inside of one of the fingers
  7. Photo 3 cover loose on helmet close view of centre stitching
  8. I received the covers this week, took some photos of them (see below) they smell old (mouldy), tested them with UV and didn't see much... they don't feel ancient, but not new as well... The WAR FUND stamp isn't sprayed on with paint but it looks like a rolled on, of put on with a cloth through a stencil. What intrigues me is the fact that they have different stitching (one cover has a single threat in the middle seam while the other one has two) I would think, if these were repros and produced in a lot, they would have had the same construction...? Also, both covers are made from differen
  9. Thank you for the comments gentlemen! I didn't notice the elevated arch in the middle of the cover on the photo (thought it seemed higher due to the way the cover was laying in the photo), I don't have the possibility to check these covers this in detail... only have the photos from the seller so far. too bad...
  10. No comments from anybody? No forum members have ever seen this type of cover? Has anybody seen this kind of stamp on field improvised (non official) Red Cross gear? Did the Red Cross (or the Red Cross War Fund) provide such gear? Is this plausible that such covers ever existed or is it straight out fake?
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