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  1. I've been offered this captured Japanese flag for sale. It's named to a medic who served in the Pacific and comes with a note saying he took it off a dead Japanese soldier. Does anyone have any idea how much it might be worth or what it says? I don't have a lot of experience with these so I don't want to get taken on it.
  2. Where did you get the modern style subdued TD patch? I'd love to have one of those for fun haha
  3. Thinking about TD stuff again lately and thought I'd just bump this thread to see if anything comes up. I'm looking for ANY and ALL info on the 633rd Tank Destroyer Battalion in WWII. I know general info and history, but if anyone has items named/marked to that BN, photos especially, unit items, anything of that sort, I want to talk to you directly. Thanks! Anthony
  4. Oh man! A whole line of MFG defect 8 wheel patches, on khaki no less! Nice score!
  5. Just found this other one in my files, no info on it though. I just saw that the original pic posted about decals was 817th TD BN too, as well as the 1st one I posted. I guess it was common in that unit.
  6. HAHA probably, there are always a couple dealers who bring some really nice stuff, to look at, but have outrageous prices.
  7. Yeah, that's the one I think. I have only gotten into it since it moved to Boxboro. I guess they've been doing it there for the past 3+ years I think.
  8. http://users.erols.com/fasttrack/ http://www.dipromo.com/index.php?page=gun_shows ^These websites are the guys who do the Gun Shows around New England. There's usually one in Concord and Manchester and Marlboro, MA I think. Rt 4 East of Concord is always a good bet too, if you're looking for antiques and militaria. It's NH's Antique Alley. Also, the show in Lowell David was referring to is, I believe, the 'patch collectors' show which is now at the the Holiday Inn in Boxborough, MA. Actually the monthly show is tomorrow June 2nd. They mostly have militaria and knives, no guns I bel
  9. I found this picture on eBay, but didn't end up winning it. It was labeled 817th TD BN. I've also got a picture in my personal collection (I might post it later) with an office wearing a liner with a TD decal and Lt bar on it.
  10. No store in my area carries the Krylon Cammo paint anymore, so I have to order something online. Has anyone used J Murray's liner paint or any other repro liner paints they reccomend? If you have, could you post a picture of your repainted liner? Thanks again everyone!
  11. Thanks for the help everyone! I know there were probably lots of variations to colors, I'm just trying to get a decent middle ground color, something that's common, and looks good in my eyes at least. Can someone post a picture of one repainted with the Krylon just so I could see what the end result is? Thanks!
  12. I'm trying to repaint a foreign copy helmet liner to have the correct color and look of a WWII era liner for reenacting and display purposes. I tried using just a walmart find (Rustolium Deep Forest Green from their Camo line), which a friend suggested, but I'm not happy with it compared to my original examples. So does anybody know if someone makes a good reproduction paint for helmet liners and if so, who's the best in your opinions? I plan to paint a unit symbol on the liner afterwards as well. Thanks for the help!
  13. Yes, its a US Forces Austria patch (IDK who actually wore those though, don't know anything about that) and the other patch is a 9th Army patch. There's marks where a ribbon rack was once, but unfortunately it's long gone and there's no name or number markings anywhere I can find in the jacket.
  14. I recently bought this WWII Ike Jacket with an 83rd Inf Div patch on the lower right sleeve, along with two other patches on the shoulders in normal position. I was wondering if anyone had a good idea what this meant or had any references to guys doing this. I was also looking through pics of my great uncle in WWII and one of his buddies had a division patch in the same spot on a 4 pocket tunic. I'm assuming it's a 2nd unit the soldier served in combat with, but that's only an educated guess, also what I've read in the few threads I've found. Thanks!
  15. I've got a leather WWII EM garrison belt, the kind that's worn on the early/pre war class A uniform, but it's in kind of rough shape. When you touch the inside of the belt, little bits of leather dust come off, like it's disintegrating or something. Is there a way to stop it from doing that or to treat it with something to prevent this from happening? I'd really like to use it on a uniform (especially since it's a larger size), but I don't want the leather messing with the uniform. Any tips or advice would be helpfull. I haven't treated or preserved any old leather before.Thanks!
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