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    U.S. WWII field gear, weapons, helmets, first aid items and equipment.
  1. Very interesting thread, I have a few ww2 HE 60mm rounds and I am at the moment trying to restore a WW2 m38a1 illumination round, I have the complete lower body and fin assembly and a complete nose assembly, could someone please measure the length of the tube body for me, I have a tube that's perfect diameter wise but I cannot find the length for just the middle section. Sorry if I have hijacked this thread but I didn't know where else to ask. Thank you. Nick.
  2. Here is a picture of the op's lanyard in full colour, clearly seen under the right arm passing through the small loop attached to the .45. That's proof enough for me that it is a pistol lanyard and not a dog leash. I have recently purchased one of these lanyards to complement my .45 lanyard collection. It was sold as U.S.M.C. WW2 .45 pistol lanyard.
  3. Very nice, I love the way the figures are interacting with each other and doing their respective jobs, I also like the way you paint your figures, the clothing and webbing look superb. Well done.
  4. Very nice, love the pin up's. Reminds me of my locker layout ready for inspection when I was in basic training. We weren't allowed pin up's though. Thanks for sharing your collection. Nick.
  5. Hi all. Just resurecting this thread, I have just purchased a nice BOYLE 1942 jungle pack. This is a maker I haven't seen for these packs, this can be added to the makers list. Nick.
  6. This is why I love this forum, you learn something new everyday. Superb boxes by the way, never seen these for sale here in England. Nick.
  7. All the medics bags I've seen have these loops sewn on, I have 4 bags in my collection and they are there, including an OD7 bag. Not a modified bag in any shape or form. Just a nice honest medics bag. No idea what they are for though, often wondered the use for them. These bags are not dated or manufacturer stamped, ( you will find these WW2 bags with post war French stamps on the outside front ) the strap is the common GP strap used for several bags. Just Google US WW2 medics bag and loads of pictures come up.
  8. These Thompson pouches are really rare, I have only seen two in 30 + years of collecting, one was in a private collection in France and the other is in Ben Majors excellent book on British made for U.S. gear. One that's on my bucket list of British made gear for the lend lease program. Nick.
  9. I can clearly see R F X on the facing segments going top to bottom on both the Op's pictures of the full grenade, all I did was turn the brightness up a little on my pad. The first picture is clearer the facing segments middle row R F X top to bottom letters stamped on their sides one letter in each segment . Nick.
  10. Nice little collection. The silver tube is the early oil and thong, barrel brush/ cleaning brush for the Springfield, early Garand rifle, the ends unscrew and in one should be the thong and the brush in the other should be oil and in the lid is an attached wire dipper. One of the caps will have a rubber insert one the outside to deaden rattling noises. Nick.
  11. In 35+ years of collecting U.S. WW2 items, I have never come across ( for me to buy ) a Sheffield made for U.S. machete (lend lease) . I have found lots of British ( Sheffield made ) WW2 blades, KFS sets, tools and so on. I know they are out there but to me finding one is hard. U.S. made machete's are quite common over here.
  12. I live in Sheffield, yay ☺, as to the machete I don't know if it was U.S.M.C WW2 issued, as said above. I would love to find a machete made in Sheffield issued to the U.S. during the war, I only seem to find U.S. made ones and have 2 in my collection. Nick.
  13. Are you suggesting that British soldiers aren't "much of a fighter "?????? Seems like it to me. I take offense at that remark as an ex serving British soldier for 6 years.
  14. Outstanding work, well done. Just read the link with the process of doing this, well impressed. Thanks for posting this. Nick.
  15. Superb cover, I have the shovel cover that was converted to the later pattern with the M-1910 hook. You can see where the original fittings were on it. Love axe covers, not lucky enough to find one of these though, thanks for posting. Nick.
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