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  1. Is this show still happening next weekend? I haven’t heard either way. Thanks!
  2. Bob, Id request that you respect our conversations and not just post alarming issues that have been answered. To clear this up publicly (since thats apparently what you want to happen) 1. Purchase was made last Friday night after the post office was closed (not to open until Tuesday by me) 2. I emailed client on Tuesday and informed him it was taking a few extra days due to house repairs from hurricane damage 3. item was mailed out either Wednesday or Thursday. 4. I left town after shipping the medal, and dont have access to the tracking code 5. Client has claimed that he had ema
  3. Hi, I just wanted to address this. I haven't received any emails and I've responded to all PMs through the forum. I've expressed multiple times that the medal he purchased is in the mail. The medal was sent out 4 business days after the purchase (Monday didn't even have mail). My house had lots of hurricane damage (no militaria affected!) from hurricane Florence this past year. I've been in the process of getting new roof, ceilings, and flooring for the whole house so everything is put in lots of random places throughout the house. I try to generally get items shipped in 2 business days, but
  4. It's not looking that great over here in Wilmington right now. Hoping to still make the show.
  5. I missed this posting the first time around. Thanks for following up on it. This was a very interesting story, and if you haven't read it yet, give it a read.
  6. Looks like the original poster put the wrong link. Try https://www.liveauctioneers.com/catalog/125199_sporting-adirondack-and-military-day-1/
  7. Where are you moving to? Will the shop be open during the week or just weekends?
  8. I've updated the Medals, Uniforms, and Pins section. I've added a few early campaign medals, as well as some named valor medals. A uniform update should be coming soon. http://www.starsandstripesmilitaria.com/shop/
  9. I'll be there one of the days. It finally hit again on a weekend I can actually make it!
  10. Here's a WWII Bronze Star that I have always found the engraving fascinating.
  11. This show always picks the worst weekends for me. The one weekend I'll be up in Ohio, there's not a show in Ohio, but there's one down here.
  12. How many vendors does this event have? Trying to decide if I want to come down for the November show.
  13. Wish I could have made the show since I volunteered at MAPS all through high school. I can't wait for them to get their Medal of Honor collection on display.
  14. This next one was picked up a few months ago and I'm not sure if the Submarine bar goes with it. I haven't been able to find where this medal applies to him. This medal is for George Merkel, USS New Hampshire April 18, 1915. The bar is for the USS Rathburne.
  15. This seems like a good topic to bring back up. Here are two Navy Good Conduct WWI Destroyer groups I've gotten over the last 6 months. The top group is for Arthur O. Gairing originally on the USS Leary Sept 28, 1920. The two bars are for the USS Falcon and Submarine Base New London Conn. The Mexican Service medal is numbered 8443. The bottom group is for Adolph Weighel on the USS Satter Lee. Ironically this was given two days later than Gairing's dated September 30, 1920.
  16. I'm planning on being there on Sunday. Looking forward to another good show.
  17. Love seeing airship related items. Thanks for posting this.
  18. I was able to add 22 items today in the Medals, Patches, Pins, & Misc categories. Check them out. www.starsandstripesmilitaria.com
  19. Was lucky to get this group of eBay on Saturday and it arrived in the mail today. The only information I currently have is in the newspaper article that says he was in a combat cargo unit in the 10th AF with over 50 combat missions. The DFC, Air Medal, & Good Conduct are all named. The ribbon bar is Australian made. Does anyone know what the purple heart shaped piece is? My guess is he crashed in a non-combat related crash and his buddies made it for him. Has anyone seen this before? I found that Signal Hill was a base in Australia, but that's all I've found.
  20. I've really enjoyed the photos you've been showing the last few days. How many MoHs do they have? How many of these are currently on display, and how many did they get out of storage for you?
  21. I ended up passing on a PH with a thumbnail on it. Pvt Edward J. Bradbury #91291 165th Inf WIA
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