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  1. Nice picture of Hess with his son? and a Lineol tinplate '88''
  2. Hausser (Elastolin) and Lineol produced wonderful tinplate and composition military toys from the early 1900s to the 1950s. Their military toys are very collectible today.
  3. I would like to hear opinions from other collectors. I believe patch shown is likely original. The front looks OK and is probably a variation, but I personally would only be comfortable with a black border patch for my collection. If anyone out there has period photos of original Nurenberg patches being worn please share it with us! A few years ago a number of bullion Nurenberg patches surfaced along with unmarked 6850th DI's. They all turned out to be reproductions. I believe there is-or was-a similar patch listed on eBay recently.
  4. Here's an enlarged picture of the back the patch. There are other knowledgeable collectors that could comment on the construction. I would have expected to see some sort of stabilizer material to protect the the back. Some original German made patches I have observed used paper or some sort of clear resin to protect the embroidery on the back.
  5. The 6850th patch on your uniform is certainly original despite the condition-It has all the characteristics typical of German made early post war patches.The lower right patch may be original but it has a gold bullion border. I can't comment on the other three patches.
  6. For reference I have attached photos of my bullion 6850th Internal Security Detachment (Nurnberg) patch along with original related 6850th documentation that accompanied the patch. This patch was submitted by Col. B. C. Andrus to the Quartermaster General for approval on 24 January, 1947. I've also attached a few (poor) photos of the 6850th patch on period uniforms. If anyone has additional photos of the patch being worn I would appreciate seeing them. In both photos it appears the border is black (sable).
  7. I questioned the border which in the original Heraldic design description of the patch dated 24 January, 1946 (I have a copy) calls the border to be 'sable' which is the color black. The description also states: Bordure: Sable, for evil. Except for the border the patch appears to be good.
  8. I'm somewhat skeptical of the Nuremberg patch. Would like to see the back.
  9. Nice. Have you a photo of the back?
  10. Shown is the first original hand embroidered bullion 6850th Nurnberg patch submitted by Col. B. C. Andrus on 10 March, 1947 to the Quartermaster General for his consideration. Col. Andrus was the CO of the guards in charge of prison security during the trials. Also shown are copies of two original submission letters from Col. Andrus describing the heraldic design. The patch and related letters came from an employee involved with IOH (Army Institute of Heraldry) many years ago.
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