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  1. That's all I have time for at the moment.All of the pictures were taken inland at some Base.Some look like official photos..some are personal.I'm not entirely sure if John Hiestand is in any of them either!More research is needed as I have only now sat down to study it.Any help or information would be great.Thank you.
  2. Pickings have been very slim lately so I was pleased to find this at my local fleamarket.The album is made from heavy gauge aluminium which makes me think this wasn't its original purpose?It measures 21x12in.
  3. Is this the link buddy? http://wing.chez-alice.fr/ETO_Militaria.html
  4. I have a 48 star flag in my collection with brass grommets which i understand is a postwar feature.The bars are stitched seperately but the stars are printed.All things, i am told, that point to postwar production. I have read somewhare that ww2 period flags have steel grommets. In my opinion it fits in well with my collection.
  5. Through spring and summer into early autumn i am up at 5:30am every sunday to go to my local carboot sale...I've had some great bargains.I like to think im looking nonchalant but i probably dont!!:)I just ask 'whats your best mate?' and walk off smiling.I have a finely tuned OD radar and i can spot an LTD from 50 yards! My latest US find was in a junk/antique shop and there on the shelf was a KW era M1 with a near mint MSA liner.Cost me £20 and they chucked in an m56 web belt 'if you like old army stuff, have this as well'.
  6. We live and learn eh?...The giveaways here(apart from the 53 stamp)are the canvas chinstrap.US ones are leather.The nape is sewn on whereas US napes have four snaps holding them on and the liner webbing is rivetted on not bolted on like yours.
  7. I have two pairs.Both made by HPK.Both sets found in a pile of old tools at a car boot sale.Paid pence for them.
  8. Also this one http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XLK5OWU2YGw And this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-sUKha9L9AM&feature=related
  9. More or less the whole soundtrack to 'Full metal jacket' especially 'surfin bird'!! and 'Platoon'...i also really like the scene in ' a bridge too far' where all the wounded paratroopers start singing 'abide with me'.The link is not the scene but still good:
  10. At least you got something...i was just overwhelmed with it all!
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