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  1. I believe it was, in order: Original canvas Canvas with outer top pocket for canteen cap Nylon
  2. I've been out of the country for a while so I am just catching up on threads and saw this. I haven't lived in VT for long, but there are no shows that I know of except for the Green Mountain Military Vehicle Club annual get-together/swap meet in July. I once managed to get to the museum on Camp Johnson on open house day, and that resembled a show/swap, however the main focus was the contents of the museum.
  3. There is/was one of those in the MA Army National Guard Museum and Archives in Worcester, The contents were all labeled "experimental" and there were odd items like potato salad (ick!) alongside some familiar things like jelly and crackers.
  4. That's a 40mm (NATO standard) threaded filter, likely for the M40 series or MCU2/P series masks. I can't read it on my screen, but there should be a stamped dark ink set of numbers next to the "1 EA.". The first letters denote the manufacturer, and the next two numbers are the year of manufacture. For example. RFT01 would be a Racal filter made in 2001. MSA02 would be MSA made in 2002, etc. I believe all of the metal can C2A1s are considered "expired" at this point, superseded by the plastic C2A1 can.
  5. Outside of some State Defense Force somewhere, likely not in the military. Could have been almost any federal agency though. I have only been in federal LE since 07, so I am not sure what the story was before that, but between my agency and I those I have worked with, I have seen items from about every imaginable apparel and protective gear NSN series kicking around still in service somehow, somewhere.
  6. I believe the blue spoon with the brown mark indicates it's a practice fuse...
  7. There were instructions on how to lash the radio to the pack in ALICE Use and Care FMs up until the early 70s or so. Perhaps if someone has a copy they could look it up.
  8. FWIW, I was issued these as part of initial cold weather kit in the Army National Guard in 1993. Some had tiny tags at the neck, as shown, while others had info stamped in orange ink below the top seam of the back (as memory serves). No Goretex for me until late 1994. For cold weather, we were issued the wool shirts shown here, M65 jackets with liners, fishtail type parkas with liners, and a set of polypro.
  9. The Sportsman's Guide sold a bunch of those a while back, a co-worker of mine purchased one. Never did figure out what it went to, but the ECWCS parka mentioned above would be a good guess.
  10. Thank you for that update! Is COL Lenny Kondrachuk (not sure of spelling) retired from the museum? I see you are a native of the area as well; it's a small world!
  11. This article in my parents' hometown newspaper caught my eye. The building is the same as the one that houses (housed?) the museum. The article makes no mention of the museum at all. Museum website still exists, however the listed phone number is disconnected. Anyone know what's going on?
  12. I think it's just a vintage hand cart caster. You can make out the manufacturer's name, Thomas Truck and Caster. Off the top of my head, the only armor that used return rollers anything like that were some early Cold War-era Soviet APCs. The original MTL and first MT-LB come to mind, but I am not 100% sure.
  13. I did not even know they were prototypes, I thought they were just custom jobs, but some friends and I sold off a bunch that we had on eBay during the shutdown last October. Had them sitting in storage for years and we were fed up with having to work without knowing when we would be paid, so we figured we would sell them. There's no doubt I still have all of the emails from the eBay sales saved in my email account if someone wanted to see if they bought one from me or a friend of mine. See, this is why I love this forum, once again (you would think I would learn by now!!) I had something o
  14. FWIW, those are the only guys I ever saw using this vest system when my unit worked with them. I noticed the superior range of motion and how the fit was not too constrictive and hot...then I tried one on and fell in love. That being said, this is my personal all-time favorite system for form and function. I wore one for as long as I could get away with it for my regular job (federal LE). Eventually the powers that be had us switch back to cookie-cutter, identical, issue vest systems.
  15. It was a pattern called "Mirage" by Bulldog Tactical, I was in charge of the evaluation/test program for my AOR. I occasionally find some more things I have kicking around, and I still have all of the literature from the evaluation. I stayed in touch with the company for a while afterward but nothing got much traction with any of the brass I presented my ideas to. I had a login to their site as well, but only ordered once...should still work as I checked something for someone about a year ago. Though I know the owner's family got into some hot water recently. I don't want to derail this
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