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  1. My wife is working on some history for her family and came across a member that those alive, still know nothing about. In her search she found that he may have joined the Military in Ohio (he was from NY) She found his name on a piece of information that said never showed up for duty and listed him as a deserter. She has tried and looked at all the sites that come up but not a whole lot on the US Military deserters from WWI, so I told her I would reach out to help her. Does anyone have any information on the outcome of US deserters or know of places to search. I did put out to her that he may have been killed before his arrival at his duty station and might have been a John Doe if robbed and had no ID on him or if he did desert he could have picked up a new identity and started a new life else ware. Still there is not a lot out there she can find on what became of deserters from the US. She is still looking but has no SSN or service # for him. any help would be great, thanks Pete
  2. Is that only M1 Grands on the FB page .. what about the Savage 303, did they not go over seas?
  3. My Brother was assigned to this Sub when it was decommissioned. My Parents, Brothers and Sisters all got invites to it. I didn't attend but had one Brother who did. thought it was kind of neat so thought I would share. My Father was in the Navy in WWII and three of my Brothers were also in, I was the rebel and was in the National Guard for 21 yrs with 6yrs active. Hope you enjoy
  4. back in the 80's we had a couple in the arms vault that were assigned to the maintenance crew, I was full time at the armory when we used a North Dakota Air Base for M-16 weapons qualification. Long story short in conversation the grease guns were mentioned and they said they would provide the ammo if we brought them along for them to shoot. So after qualification we brought them out and had some fun with there range personal. Another full auto of my to shoot bucket list
  5. snafu100

    WWII Navy hat

    it's small was wondering if maybe a child souvenir from that time frame ... brother born in 1943
  6. snafu100

    WWII Navy hat

    this Beret was with some of my Fathers WWII memorabilia, not sure as to what it is as I couldn't find it in any Google search ... any one have any idea ... thanks Pete
  8. this is obviously a fake - this sit along a hwy in a small town near me by a junk yard (must use it to ward off the Copper thieves) anyway not sure about the tracks but is the rocket of a Military use or homemade - just an interesting fun piece that caught my eye and was wondering about - Thanks Pete
  9. snafu100

    identify crest

    is there a market for these types or are they like the rest of the crests
  10. snafu100

    identify crest

    side view - very thin
  11. snafu100

    identify crest

    hope this is better - remember he said they were called beer can crests
  12. snafu100

    identify crest

    can anyone help identify this and provide any history - got it a long tine ago from a friend - Vietnam era - thanks Pete
  13. hey guys picked this up on an ebay auction with two others (2-M6 and 1 M7 - M6 are Aerial and the 7 is a Milpar) - do any of you have the dimensions of the internal locking parts or know where I can get replacement parts for an M6 also looking for some one who might have some extra grip screw for the M6 and M7 - need 6 --- Also I am looking for a large or bigger pistol belt to make a display for showing my bayonets off wold like one with the metal clasp - thanks Pete
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