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  1. looks like he was a machinegunner. Thank you both! I will email the USMC address.
  2. Hi guys- I'd really appreciate any help with information on my great uncle. I was able to find the text version of his casualty card but not the actual card itself which I believe would have more information. The text version seems to back up the family story that he was wounded on Okinawa. His name was Thomas William Morris- Co.B 1/1. From Michigan. If possible I'd like to confirm that it was Okinawa and try to put some circumstances around his wounding. Thanks!
  3. Hmm seems to be in the same condition as any others Ive seen. Should clean up a little. Thanks for the help on dating it
  4. Hi Guys- picked this up at an antique shop the other day. Photos are in as found condition, uncleaned. I only know enough to be dangerous so I have a few questions. I believe these ones with wood pommels are earlier, any idea what year it was made? Im assuming first half of 43 or earlier? I havent seen one with a wood pommel before...are these tougher to find? Any idea on value? Thanks!
  5. very nice collection! Do you have any photos of the german helmet?
  6. i can hardly think of a worse weapon to have in a jungle environment. But, they did it
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