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  1. Don't know if it is of interest to you, but I just picked up #13918. It came out of Texas. Still don't know how use the number to research the recipient. Any thoughts since September?
  2. So, let me ask the question, hypothetically, in this way. There is a collection of medals one could buy. The person selling the medals also has a MoH they want to get rid of for their own reasons. What if they "gift" it to you, if you are willing to buy all their medals for their asking price? Is that not legal? No money exchanges hands for the MoH. Sounds silly, I know. But...
  3. I appreciate the original cases. I know in the purple heart cases there are 2 different sizes of cases.
  4. These are absolutely fantastic. To see these leaders together is humbling!
  5. Always great to see patriotic at like this. Thanks!
  6. This is great! Thanks! I'll try to post a better picture later.
  7. The USO troupe. Name on previous post. What do you think?
  8. Here are the signatures: Jack Haley (actor); Mary Brian (actress); Francis Faye (vocalist); Betty Yeaton (dancer); Judy manners (vocalist)
  9. I recently came on a USO short snorter with Jack Haley (Wizard of OZ Tin Man) and 4 women. Anyone else have anything like this and have an idea of its worth? Thanks! Photos to follow soon.
  10. Wow... great job. So many men sacrificed so much for us today. Thanks for posting this!
  11. I have only one named PH... my uncle's. I have several unnamed. I would be honored to have any other named PH's.
  12. Amazing and fantastic pictures. Thank you for posting them!!
  13. Great pictures. Thank you all for posting and sharing them.
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