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  1. memory sure plays tricks. I was a Warrant Officer and "remember" my bib being WO brown. That color wasn't listed on the chart. I really despised those things. On one Korean tour we had to attend Officer's Call each morning at breakfast. I was tempted to pull my bib end out and blow my nose on it while the CO was giving his brief. Never did though. I retired in 75. Paul Salome, AZ
  2. I made one of my Pacific crossings to the Far East on this ship during the 50's. Paul Salome, AZ
  3. My RVN Days behind me I was at Ft. Lewis WA getting close to retirement filled with sadness and bitterness.
  4. My father was an air raid warden. I have some vague memories of this. I was 4 years old at the time. Paul Salome, AZ
  5. You learn something new every day. I am a retired Warrant Officer and had never heard of this. I retired in 75. Paul Salome, AZ
  6. I hope so. It looks a bit like a dope pipe I found in a rental house. As a RVN vet I'd really be angry if they used a picture of GIs smoking dope.
  7. I just got this add for coins honoring the services. The illustration for the Army coin shows 2 Vietnam Gi's. What is the black guy holding in his hands?
  8. I love his music. We have several CDs of his. Too bad he is gone.
  9. Buddy of mine didn't get a letter. What he did get was a Polaroid picture of his wife in a compromising position. He was shown the picture by a new arrival who was bragging about the wild party he had attended back in CONUS. Paul Salome, AZ
  10. I happened on an 8mm movie I had taken in Vietnam . It was taken in early 68 since 3 pronged flash hiders were on the M-16s. I was a WO with the 101st Abn Div. The shoulder patch was full color. name tape and US Army was black, as were the rank and branch insignia on the collar. The rank insignia on boonie and ball caps was shiny metal. I just thought I'd pass this on should anyone be interested. Paul Salome, AZ
  11. In the 50's they were for sale in the back of the NRA magazine. I don't remember if it was the American Rifleman back then.
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