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  1. Black webbing OK? I use early M16 slings that are a perfect replacement for GI belt material.
  2. Looks like the one I have mounted on a Homelite powered 28VDC generator and was told was used to power a telephone system.
  3. Thanks Top, What took me so long? I traveled the USA as a bridge inspector and had very little home time, sometimes working 7 days a week, 12 hours a day for months at a time and was only home just a couple days at a time. Since I worked alone with no help and did all the restoration work like sand blasting, drive train and engine rebuilding and all the rest myself it took a lot of hours to get back to factory condition. By the way, this is the very truck I used to drive when I was a SSGT in the MDNG, found it after it was turned in to PDO and donated to local govt.and it was being used as a p
  4. I have a album of shots taken of the restoration but they have gotten out of order. Some show up as a fractured or torn photo icon so click on the icon and the entire image will be shown. There are several pages of the album so be sure to view them all. http://www.g741.org/photogallery/main.php?g2_itemId=14414 Thanks for the positive comments so far guys, much appreciated. The reason for the lengthy timeline is that in those days I was traveling the USA for work as a bridge inspector and we worked 7 days a week, 12 hrs a day and when home my vacation time was spent on the M37. Thanks ag
  5. This project took me over 22 years working alone.
  6. Thanks for posting those shots, nice to see it put back together and painted. Looks to be in a lot better condition than when it sat in the bone yard.
  7. Phillips field was a busy place during the Vietnam era, mostly Hueys but occasionally a Caribou or a C123 or a C130 also a group of Star fighters that were to be used for targets. I used to take flying lessons there in a Cessna 130.
  8. I understand the troops were part of the aircraft recovery section, mostly choppers, and the M88 crew was from the tracked recovery school and as Gil, stated likely a training exercise. Some civilians were involved as tech support but from where I do not know. It's good they got that old bird out of there. I know for sure 6 were scrapped as I worked on the crew stripping accessories from the engines and watched as chopped up wing sections were shoved into the furnace and melted into ingots to be loaded into gondola rail cars for transit to ALCOA. I still have a pilots handbook that I found in
  9. After reading about the disassembly of a B29 aircraft from APG's Phillips Field in a local newspaper I called the public relations office and ask if I could get copies of the photos taken. The aircraft was to be shipped to Pease AFB, NH to be used as the gate guard for the 509th Bomb Group was stationed. These are the photographs I received.
  10. I worked for Aerotech scrapping the same 29s pictured just 6 months after these shots were taken. After the R3350s were removed my job was to strip all accessories from the rear gear case and place them in shipping cans for transport to South America to be rebuilt which is also where the radials were going for use on some of the remaining prop driven transports flying the air routes of that continent.
  11. Found this and the rest need to be resized but do not have time this morning. Doin, used to be one at Aberdeen where several of the B 29s were recovered for museums but have no idea what might remain after 46 years have passed, probably nothing.
  12. Correct, a F89, I have some other shots taken at the same location I will post tomorrow showing more B 29s and other aircraft awaiting their fate at the hands of the scrapper.
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