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  1. Thanks Allan for your fast reply! It was a antique mall find! So God knows! It is the full jacket 1942 date not the Ike but you would not know that with my picture. So I need to strip the insignia and put it away! Thanks Again!
  2. Hello I am trying to figure out this cord? This is a named uniform. Found him on the roster sheet of HQ Co. HQ Bn. 15th Armor 1943. He was a Tech corporal then. Any help on cord ID would be great? Thank You!
  3. I am going to try and trace it back. It was a local auction buy, The town is of about 600 people so someone may know more about it. I will post if I find out anything. Side note: the only markings on the inside is the ZF 51 lot number. Thanks!
  4. I am sorry may be wrong area to post this? But looks like a white and blue diamond? Any Ideas on this one? Thanks!
  5. Good find on the eBay pic! I would say you are correct. I felt the right patch was an Air force patch of some kind, and had no idea on the left one? Thanks for your help!
  6. Hello I just picked up these two patches yesterday. Would love any info you guys may have on them. Thanks!
  7. Also here is a inside shot for you guys! Thanks Again!
  8. Great thanks guys for all the fast replys!!! It is real leather and in very nice shape a few moth nips. But I am happy for 4 bucks! Just was unsure about the quality and enlisted with U.S. stuff. We tend to be more uniform (or was when I was in). So it was throwing me for a loop. Now I need to find a nice twill private purchas enlisted jacket. Thanks Again!!!
  9. Hello I picked up this cap over the weekend and am on the fence with the pipe color? I was looking over the posts and it looks gold to me but I see the signals is also kinda that color. My question or questions are? This has nice dark twill with very nice leather band and lining did enlisted wear that type or only officers? Also the topic of the twist braid is that this was a tailor made or custom made not standard GI right? Thanks for any help.
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