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  1. Winchester Liberator, experimental 4 barrel "survival" shotgun in 16 gauge.
  2. According to this site it sounds like they were attached to F Co. but it is not very clear. http://www.dday-overlord.com/en/battle-of-normandy/after-action-reports/29th-infantry/116th-ir-2nd-bn-f-co The size of the unit sounds correct.
  3. I am going to be talking with a veteran about his service for possibly the last time. He served in the 116th / 29th Infantry 3rd platoon H company. Every where I look for information on H company, skips from F to I Co. I have a few records that state he was in H, so I am pretty certain it existed. I am also pretty certain H Company was a heavy company, like most Battalion structures at the time. Years ago, I think he mentioned being part of a mortar team that landed, and that majority of his platoon had 1903 rifles. He was wounded in action on D-Day, and again in Brest France. Please let me kn
  4. Nice item, with a great story. He must have been a very good man. I had a similar mentor, but he would never talk about his service in the army, just hunting and wood carving.
  5. Nice collection, the research is astounding, thanks for sharing.
  6. I have a few I will have to send when I am home, is there a cost involved?
  7. Great grouping, he served with my great uncle Irving Park (Pete) on Iwo Jima. Pete is my profile picture. I have two group pictures on Iwo Jima Ill have to post.
  8. Very nice jacket, I have a similar one, but it is well used.
  9. Nice example, I have yet to find any tracers still in the box.
  10. I am interested in this enlisted pilots pin, but I have not seen any like it before. The only others I have seen have a more curved wing. Any opinions? Thanks
  11. I picked this company photograph up recently. It is named to Marshal E Griffith whom was in B company.
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