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  1. RIP buddy, gone but not forgotten!

  2. Rests in peace my Friend. We feel its lack very.

    Ricardo - Brazil.

  3. R.I.P. Gary.


  4. Semper Fi, my friend. Gone but not forgotten

  5. J and I talked long about you tonight and we both agree a pillar has been pulled. Take care friend and as I do my work I will not forget your guidance or your humanity.

  6. I know you will never sign in to read this, but maybe somehow you will be able to look down from Heaven, and know that you are missed. We will meet up someday on the "other side" my friend. You will always be with us in spirit

  7. Good bye my friend... you will be sorely missed here. Rest in peace... Godspeed.

    s/f Darrell

  8. One that is tightly embroidered with no space between tab and patch. Khaki medium with brown bobbin thread back. And one that has OD twill medium. Gary
  9. Fully embroidered OD spacer on khaki medium. Pretty close to being like Lars. One that is embroidered on a medium brown medium.
  10. Hi Phil, I really like that blue twill variation! I believe Vance has the blue twill 17th ABN of the same type. A few more integral tabbed 13th ABN's. A khaki and a light green medium. Gary
  11. A couple more for Academic Achievement. Found these two hidden in with my MUC variations this evening. Gary
  12. Thanks Jeff & Bill, Jeff, When I posted these a couple of years ago on WAF, I believe you and maybe a couple others IDed all of the ribbons as LOM, BSM, ARCOM, ADM, AT, EAME, WWII Victory, Occupation, French Legion of Honor, French CdeG, Order of Oranje-Nassau (Netherlands), Belgian Crown Order, Belgian CdeG, Military Order of Merit of Adolph of Nassau (Luxembourg) and the Luxembourg CdeG. I hadn't posted the box of extra ribbon lengths but knew there was the (unIDed to me) OBE ribbon amongst the others. He doesn't show that in his ribbon rack, so I'm assuming he didn't earn it, or the
  13. Gary, Some date even earlier than '56/'57, as my S/Sgt rank identical to Brig's came from a friend who served with the Marines in Korea in 1952. I also believe the Army guys were able to find the same "in-country" rank chevrons, only done with blue paint. Here is mine again. Tim, I'm hoping you'll be able to find the matching t/m EGA's that came with my rank from Melvin. I'm sure the Koreans made more than one pair! Gary
  14. Jeff, Thanks for the additional information. To your trained eye, does it look like his foreign awards are in order of precedence, or as 4starchris said, possibly in order of the period of the award? You can put my knowledge of foreign awards on the tip of a pin. Any ideas as to what the pink or violet ribbon with three white bars in the excess ribbon pile is? It doesn't appear on this officer's rack. Gary
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