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  1. Does anyone have any pics of original covers in use?
  2. Heres another mint pair of boondocks dated 1957, General Shoe Co- Brown eyelets, brown stitching, brown leather on the interior, black tongue and black backing leather on the eyelet panels, brown laces original to the boots- therefore BROWN boots. And in my size. Life is good.
  3. Back on the subject of painted Mae tests- saw this footage the other day and had to capture a couple of stills... look at the dye marker packs and the yellow under the collar!!!!!!!!
  4. This is one I currently have and you can see why I wanted to upgrade to the unissued one. As you can see it is marked like the other posted here and the rings are the same color;
  5. Thanks guys- and thanks Sactroop for posting yours - could you show a close up of the stamps on the blade please? Are the coloured rings in the grip indicative of Pal manufacture?
  6. OK, take 2... BTW I have full faith in the seller, I just want to know more about this knife...
  7. WX555571

    USN Mk1

    Can I get opinions on this please? Seller says its a Pal but I dont know enough about USN Mk1's and the colours in the handle! It looked good so i bought it! Sellers image.
  8. Ok, cool, thanks for that.
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