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  1. Thanks Sarge... it is very nice to see an original German Polizei holster... And... thanks Charlie ! As always you are a mine of information... Fausto
  2. Thanks guys... No, I didn't ask the S&W yet, but I hope that our fellow Charlie Flick, who is a real authority on these guns, can help. He has a great data base on Victories...
  3. Hello Guys ! Got yesterday this nice Victory revolver 38-200, issued to Britain and reissued to German Police in early post WWII. I think that neither the British nor the Germans fired it... It looks almost new... Serial number is V 659232 , it is marked on the top strap (bomb) U.S. Property G.H.D. and on the grip back strap WB-S-STG 631, which stands for Wurttemberg-Baden Stadtpolizei Stuttgart (pistol N°) 361. I think it is a good example of the long life of these fine revolvers... By the way, dearest Charlie (Flick...), could you help me about the approximative shipment date of this gun
  4. Hi Cherik, your flag looks like an "Invasion Arm Flag" as issued - in many version - to Airborne troops in ETO. If you google "Invasion Arm Flags - Paratrooper.be" you will find a nice selection of all the models issued to paratroopers, glider troops etc. Hope this can help... Fausto
  5. Hi Charlie ! Always a great pleasure when a new maker gets identified... Thanks for your research ! Fausto
  6. Hi ! Agree with robinb and kwill... These black holsters were made by Bolen, Hunter, Western, Bucheimer and maybe other manufacturers. Here one made by Western and dated 1966, with its shipping box... Hope this can help... Fausto
  7. Hi guys ! Not as lucky as you, but I got this set - some years ago - on an online auction. No one bidded and I payed the starting price of $ 85 . Not too bad... I'm not in love with the hand written number nor with the cork-missing cap pf the canteen, but this set looks pretty good... Thanks ! Fausto
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