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    Greetings & Salutations! See https://archive.org Download anything I have there under my name, Herbert Booker for free. hhbooker2@yahoo.com, also find my groups on FaceBook as well. Its okay to make DVD or CD discs and sell or trade them,

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  1. GREETINGS & SALUTATIONS! Check out www.facebook and type in subject HERBERT BOOKER'S PICASA WEB LIBRARY which is a new group in which you can show scans of military related things and can also perhaps see badges or other insignia you may not have seen before? You can also go see the 6,000 albums there at https://picasaweb.google.com/booker1942 and download whatever you want, everything is public domain. There are plenty of old insignia and uniform books from the U.S.A. as well as other nation's too. You can find me on FaceBook too if you wish to get in touch of ask a question, I
  2. GREETINGS & SALUTATIONS! 1902 buff chevrons were for the Corporals and Sergeants in the Army Quartermaster Corps, yellow chevrons for Cavalry, red chevrons for Artillery and red chainstiching on denim cloth for the Coast Artillery Corps. Unauthorized but worn Private First Class Specialists wore one to six rockers below a single chevron. Specialist 6 was one rocker and Specialist 1 was six rockers. Prior to the 1950s, grade 1 was Master Sergeants and First Sergeants, with grade 2 being Platoon Sergeants, grade 3 for Staff Sergeants and Techician 3, grade 4 Sergeants and Technician 4, grade
  3. Greetings & Salutations! During the 1960s I saw and spoke with a hippy who was wearing a frock coat with the four gold stripes of a naval captain with maroon between the stripes, cannot imagine too many medical doctors got as far in rank as a full captain? The coat showed little wear, but was authentic, maybe belonged to his great-great or great grandfather? Ensigns wore a single half-inch gold stripe centered atop a one inch coloured cloth. Lieutenant Junior Grade and higher had coloured cloth between the chevrons, not above or below like Ensign. Ensigns also wore their gold stripe a half
  4. Greetings & Salutations! Best ro see what Lieutenant Colonel William K. Emerson has to say about chevrons, he has a new book on chevrons of the United States Army. I'd rather see what he has to say on these First World War chevrons for Private First Class (Tanks), there are two more types, one with dragons supporting the Mark VI Tank and another with a tank face on with a cannon pointed at the person looking at it. They usually used a steel cookie-cutter tool to stamp on wool chevrons and the tank could be off-center and remained unsold too! Manufacturers sold chevrons not authorized too.
  5. Greetings & Salutations! When we crossed back into the U.S.A. after a day in Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico, we saw most of the U.S. Border Agents wore what I thought almost looked like warrant officer slide on ranks, but knowing the U.S. Navy does not used WO1, only CWO-2 through CWO-5 and the USN had a gold stripe, not a silver stripe. All through the history of uniforms and insignia, some law enforcement agencies wore rank straps like the U.S. Army and some fraternal organizations did likewise. There is even a youth group of Scouts who have adult scout master who were a gold major's o
  6. Greetings & Salutations! eBay sellers sometimes will list an item that another member of their family may have sold elsewhere and discover they no longer possess it, happened to me about six times in years past. Have also had a twice not getting the item as shown or described. Had one seller say he would not send the item I won and if I insisted, he's write a negative response to damage my 100% record, figured he or she might have been a very young teen? The "best man" at my wedding 36 years ago used to counterfeit French Foreign Legion insignia in India and Pakistan, I was surpised becaus
  7. "GREETINGS & SALUTATIONS! Have been in contact with Rod Melendez who is from the Veterans Museum and Memorial Center on 2115 Park Boulevard, San Diego, California 92101. Their website is at: www.veteranmuseum.org or email them at memewywy266@att.net or telephone (619) 239-2300. Rod is working on getting images of United States Navy rates and other related images to show on their website, any help would be very welcome! He needs especially Uniform Regulation of the United States Navy for 1863. Available at my free website https://picasaweb.google.com/booker1942 are U.S.N. uniform regs for 1
  8. GREETINGS & SALUTATIONS! Some time ago I posed a piece on the fraternal organizations who wore rank straps like the pre-1898 U.S. Navy and still worn by the U.S. Army, they are seen at https://picasaweb.google.com/booker1942 They include the Masonic, Odd Fellows, Woodmen of the World, etc., stop and see the free website and download whatever you want and use however you wish. Herbert Booker in Florida among the aligators
  9. Dear Tom: Indeed they are Civilian Conservation Corps chevrons for the young men who served in C.C.C. camps in the 1930s Franklin Delano Roosevelt Administration. My late uncles, Wilber Bert and Reuben Anton Huntington send home the money they earned so their parents would be better able to feed and care for their sister Angeline, Betty, Katherine, Pauline and Wilma Huntington in Manitowoc, Wisconsin. Bother enlisted in the U.S. Army after Pearl Harbor (7 December 1941) and trained in tanks, one served in the Pacific and the other in North Africa and Europe. In 1958 one could go to the bubble
  10. Greetings & Salutations: Feel free to download U.U.P.H.S. uniform regulations for 1914 and 1937 at https://picasaweb.google.com/booker1942 and see actual rates used. These two are 1914 rates for the United States Public Health Service and have survived almost one hundred years. When they changed the regulations in 1937, like the U.S. Armed Forces, manufacturers knew even less about the USPHS rates and may not have had more than a description of these rates? The rate you show here was made in 1937 or shortly afterward, bear in mind they sometimes referred to the older regs or used drawings
  11. JASON: Long time, no hear? We left California after 32 years to live in Florida the past 2-1/2 years. They did have some good insignia shows in southern California as a place to pick up navy rates, of course stuff issued long after the Second World War! John C. Helvey certainly had great navy rates; lots of good CPO rates too! CWO-4 Lester Tucker and John Stacey have a lot of knowledge about navy rates, Stacey published several nice books on specialty marks and rates. Anyone who likes can see "Crow's Nest" at https://picasaweb.google.com/booker1942 as well as Navy uniform regulations for 1883,
  12. They were for a specialist grade in the 1930s that were in six grades, the highest was Grade 1 Specialist the a chevron and below it six rockers, therefore that one was a Specialist Grade 3! They were sold at the P.X. and some company commanders allowed them to be worn, they were replaced in 1942 with Technican Grades 3, 4 and 5 on Staff Sergeant chevrons with a letter T for Grade 3, Sergeant (Grade 4) and Corporal (Grade 5). Herbert Booker of Florida (See: CHEVRONS by Wm.Emerson).
  13. GREETINGS & SALUTATIONS! We have several advanced collectors of ratings like that, they are not easy to come by and seldom seen at any show I've been too. The late John Helvey was considered the "Father or Rating Badges" and CWO-4 Lester Tucker wrote a wonderful manuscript on navy rates and specialty marks and John Stacey turned out some really nice books on specialty marks. You can research at http://www.archive.org the old issues of "The Crow's Nest" newsletter and fill in a few blank spaces. http://www.scribd.com is of value as well! Respectfully Herbert Booker of Florida (See also: htt
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