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  1. There are various antique malls along I44 between St. Louis and FTLW....all have good stuff turn up in them on occasion. There is also a militaria shop - Doughboy Militaria - located in Springfield, Missouri, not far from FTLW.
  2. One more to add. Recently got one of this type second hand. The sizes would lead one to believe it'd be perfect for vintage uniforms, but it has some issues. Model: Teenage Male SK-10 Maker: Unknown Sold by: Roxy and a few others (Normal price is around $130+shipping, some others have the price jacked way up.) **There are two similar models with one hand held to the head for headphones, and another with hands behind the back...I have not looked at the other sub types in person, but they may have some of the same attributes / issues.
  3. When they filmed the initial seasons in Hawaii, Doug Boyer supplied at least some of the insignia from his militaria store. I knew Doug in Hawaii before he passed away a few years ago. He let me dig through his storage unit: had 2-3 large boxes of NOS full size subdued rank which I believe he mentioned selling some like this to the production crew. Doug had nothing to do with how they were worn / accuracy of the TV show though.
  4. Burley Auctions in New Braunfels, TX auctioned it piece by piece in October 2019. I looked at the catalog and know people who went to view the items in person....it was a serious mixed bag. There was a lot of great stuff.....and a lot of enhanced stuff (painted helmets, put together uniforms). If you're buying items based on it being from this collection....I would look hard at the item itself, rather than the aura that surrounds being part of a big name collection. My 2 cents.
  5. Great guy - set up next to him at a Fort Worth gun show a few years ago - enjoyed passing the time speaking with him. Sad to hear he is gone!
  6. Now "Listing was removed because of an error by the seller" 😆 Meaning he got caught.....
  7. Going to Revive this thread, looks like the same seller is trying this with another jacket: https://www.ebay.com/itm/293594836460?fbclid=IwAR2EhF5Y8d9a3GYeT2VNTYIq6QXK8rel6ZdDOrWv382_QUptETZuHULF78Q
  8. There is also a volume II to the ETO book that has a ton of good stuff in it as well.
  9. Picked this up recently - it is a 95% copy of the US camouflage one-piece jungle coveralls made of regular OD HBT in Australia. I've collected US gear for over 25 years, and am pretty familiar with most reverse lend-leave uniforms / web gear items....but I've never seen these before - and have been able to turn up nothing about them online or in any reference books. It mentions in "Quartermaster Equipment for Special Forces" that samples of the jungle suit were rushed to the South Pacific - maybe this was a local production sample? I have never seen any in photos being worn either. I posted
  10. Great grouping! Being a PT boat cook, I couldn't help but think of the character in "They Were Expendable" "Holy smokes, cookie, you call that soup?" "No Sir, that"s dishwater!"
  11. Now that one is something!! The guy wearing it is only an E4 and looks to be under 30 when this was taken in 2004... from what I can find, there were no active firefights at the JSA in 1990's like those that happened in the 70s and 80s....so maybe just a guy rocking an unauthorized patch? Any clue on what unit he was with when this was taken? National Guard?
  12. The style of "A.B. NAME" is USMC all day long....what confuses most people is "NAME, A.B." is the common way for USN and USCG to ID items.
  13. Probably a Warrant Officer or Flight Officer....I have one WWII US Army uniform like this that is named to a Warrant Officer.
  14. That is an interesting one! If I had to guess it might be an orphaned unit that was under the 1st LOG for local control? According to unit history, they were stationed in France from 1951-1962, which would be about the era of this top. Just a wild guess...I wonder if this was a liaison officer to the French Armored School? If 1st TSC was the nearest large unit in France, he might have been assigned there for admin purposes.
  15. By the materials used, this dates from the mid 1990's to early 2000's.... There was a comms / camera / fighting gear system called "Land Warrior" that Gentex was involved with during this time period. Google it and see what comes up, looks like a lot of the gear was woodland BDU like this. Might find this in a picture.
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