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  1. I like your approach - I need to show more patience and split the work out over a few days (instead of trying to get the whole thing done in an hour). You've got talent too and I hope you continue and share your art.
  2. Nice job - very good composition. Just curious - how long does it take you to render this type of picture?
  3. I did not know that. I used a photo of a WWI reenactor so I must assume that he did not know that either. Thanks for the info.
  4. Nice work and great photos. 1/16 - that much me something to see live.
  5. Thanks Mr. Jerry. I'm glad you like my sketches. Here's a recent WWI sketch of a US Infantry soldier.
  6. Thanks Ronnie - I appreciate your comment.
  7. Thanks Manny, I'm due to get back to sketching the Great War. I appreciate your fine comments. Bob
  8. Hi Mikie, Yes, my style and skill have evolved over time and effort. I'm glad you like my sketches. I don't have a great imagination so I rely on photos of reenactors. They contain more action than period photographs. Bob
  9. A collection of some of my American Civil War sketches. Confederate Sharp Shooter Union Trooper Chow Time
  10. Thanks Markus! There is a sketch of the Battle of Loos 1915; British Troops advancing after a gas attack.
  11. Here was a request from another website - an Apache helicopter. This is one dangerous looking bird.
  12. Excellent idea; a great hobby that doesn't cost a great deal. And I would not mind seeing your work published.
  13. RC, I use 9 x 12 inch paper. But I use wide margins so most of my stuff fits on an 8 x 10 mat. As for time I'm not very patient; usually 15 to 45 minutes per picture. Bob
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